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2012/13 rules now online

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The changes include:

Reduction of permitted cars during racing from three to two, plus further clarification on procedure.

The Mega-G MG17 chassis (either version) is now legal in Nascar class.

Plated shoes and plastic axle spacers now allowed in all classes.

Any make of braid is now permitted for the Micro Scalextric chassis.

Modified class name has been changed to CW (short for ''closed wheel'').

A rule has been added so that if anyone is unwise enough to keep an end of season trophy may be stripped of that title.

Clarification of what triggers a restart.

In addition the axle and wing widths are set out in OW class, for those using the ISU guide, or other device, on the Mega-G chassis.
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One addition: if a car 'stalls' on the line at the start of a race it NOT a restart.

Obviously, if there is a technical problem it will quickly become apparent and be dealt with, but when cars are left on the line it won't automatically be a re-start.

Consider using practice and warm up laps to check your car's starting abilities. Unlike the FIA, we won't fine you for stopping or doing burnouts
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