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General regulations.

All cars must run with 1/32 Scale Hard Bodies, no lexan body shells, c/w Interiors and Glazing. No blacked out windows (tints are acceptable!) or Resilient Style Cars, all the bits supplied by the same manufacturer, on one car. Cars in all classes must retain standard bodywork, no flares - no removing half the body height to lower the centre of gravity. If you are using a replacement body shell or complete kit we would "prefer" (therefore not compulsory in 2012 but maybe 2013!) you paint it and ideally decal it. All cars "should" start racing with rear wings in place if they are original equipment.

Chassis may be trimmed lightly & run loose to allow body rock. Strengthening and stiffening is necessary (on some models) and is permitted. Please take adequate measures to retain the body screws.

Weight may be added to the INSIDE of all cars as required with the exception of Sidewinder Nascars.

Guides may be substituted in all classes. Nascars may ONLY use Sloting Plus item no SLPL2131 or SLPL2130, with the B-Nova Guide mod if you wish (it is not essential).

Motor choice is free in class 1 & 2; provided that the motor you choose is a direct replacement for the one you take out or it will fit using the relevant manufacturer supplied motor adapter and/or Motor mount. Aralditing it to the chassis isn't classed as a motor mount.. Motors may be glued into engine mounts and is highly recommended.
Max Motor rpm in ANY Category/Class 26k at 12volt (to date 20k Scaleauto & 21.5k Slot.It Boxer & Flat 6R motors have proved to be quickest) If you are currently running a car that was/is FACTORY FITTED with a motor above 26k @ 12v this will be permitted but we will review individual cases. No transplanting of the faster motors to other cars of the same brand or other brands will be allowed.
Wheels and tyres must be enclosed within the bodywork except open wheel category and should not be visible when the car is viewed from above. Some leniency will be exercised on this ruling where it is known that the standard car does not comply. SCX & Proslot for example.
Tyres must be made of rubber and be standard specification and supplied by recognised Slot Car Manufacturers (Scalextric, Ninco, SCX, Carrera, Slot It, NSR, MB Slot etc etc)
Please note: Silicon & Urethane Tyres and Traction Goop are banned they ruin the grip for everyone else! Also note that Scalextric Tyres from their Tuning Range are Silicon!
It is highly recommended that tyres be glued on to improve performance and MUST be dry when placed on the track.

Class 1. Plastic/Metal gears and wheels with grub screws, up rated motors are all permitted just adhere to the general rules above.
Please note: Avant Slot, Scaleauto, Slot It & NSR Cars supplied by the manufacturer with Class 1 gears/wheels will remain in Class 1 even if fitted with plastic gears/wheels.

Class 2. Cars with plastic wheels, gears etc. No grub screws
Motor choice is free.
Guides/Tyres are free.

Class 3. Cars with standard inline or sidewinder configured motor they come with, therefore no Anglewinders. Gears & wheels must be plastic. No grub screws
Guide/Tyres are free.

Class P. Scratch builds. Must comply with the relevant General Regulations, Class Rules above and will be eligible to run in Classes 1, 2 & 3 depending on the running gear fitted.
Any 1/32 scale hard body may be used. They must be mounted on a plastic chassis. Slot.It HRS/HRS2 can run in Class 1 only. To be eligible to run in Class 3 an 18k Mabuchi S motor (Scalextric) as provided with the PCS Chassis Kit must be used.
Note some categories have specific regulations not covered in the class regs above

World Sports Cars (WSC) - Classes 1 & 2 Really intended for modern open top LMP Cars -This will be enforced in 2013

GT Sports Cars (GT) Classes 1 2 & 3 Modern GT Cars with an enclosed cockpit!

Touring Cars - Classes 1 & 2

Rally. Class 1 GT/Tarmac Cars can only run on selected dates check the club calendar!!!
Class 1/2 Modern Check Calendar!!!
Class 1/2 Historic Check Calendar!!!

Supersport Classes 1 & 2 early endurance GT cars including Group C Cars

Open Wheeled Racing Cars.
Class 3. Category 1 1987 & onwards
All cars run with the correct width axles. (As manufactured).

Class 3 Category 2 Up to & including 1986.
All cars run with the correct width axles. (As manufactured).

Historic Road (based) saloon cars.
(All cars in Class 3) Class 3 Category 1. Pre 1987
Must have original wheels/tyres
Intended for larger saloon cars
(American muscle cars & BMW3.5CSL for example)
Class 3 Category 2. Pre 1961 and/or up to 1986 but with a Rear wheel track maximum of 54mm.
(Escorts, Spirit BMW2002, Minis, NSU, Trabant Corvette, JagXK120 for example)
Wheels/Tyres are free choice but in keeping with the look of the car please

NASCAR Class 3 Run them as they come. Loosen the Bodyshell glue in the motor true the original tyres.
Fit Sloting Plus Guide SLPL2131 only
Scalextric sidewinders seem to work best
Weight may be added to inline versions only
No SCX Pro Cars

Endurance. - We are hoping to run an Endurance event later in the year on a Weekend

5+ per class. 20-19-18-17-16-etc 4 per class. 18-17-16-15 3 per class 17-16-15
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