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· Phil Field
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Thought id post up the classes and regs for 2012.

Most are unchanged from 2011, 70's F1 is changing the most.

70's Scalextric F1.

Heres the following cars allowed:-
C12 Shadow
C25 Ferrari 312B2
C26 March 721
C50 Lotus 72
C51 BRM P160
C120 Brabham BT44b
C121 Tyrell 007
C123 Shadow
C124 Ferrari 312T
C126 Lotus 77
C127 Mclaren M23
C129 March 240
C133 Wolf WR5
C134 Renault RS01
C135 Tyrrell 008
C136 Ferrari 312T3
C137 Ligier JS11

Only Scale-auto Yellow can motors Short or long.
Slot it F22 F1 tyres only.
Fixed gear ratio 9/27.
70mm max back axle.

Ninco DTM
Same as 2011
Silver can motors only, unglued ninco tyres only.

Le-mans GT
Same as 2011
Any GT car which has raced at Le-mans. No Mosler's or P68's!
No Dodo motors. Body must cover wheels/tyres.

Ninco GT
Any Ninco GT car closed or open top. Ninco tyres only
Long can motors only.

Classic GT
Slot it or NSR classic models.
Standard gear ratio only. NSR or Slot it tyres only.
Standard motors only Slot it cars must use v3 21k, NSR cars must use Shark 20k.

SCX Rally
Any SCX rally car from classic, 80's or modern.

If i have missed anything please say!


· Phil Field
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Hi Phil,

Ref F1 regs:-

The yellow cans are 25K, hardly any mag effect.

The Slot it F22 F1 tyres fit scalex hubs.

Any guide can be fitted.

We can set the gear ratio to 9z 27t?

Ref Ninco Class:-

I dont mind ref motor, trouble is NC5 isnt the standard motor anymore.

Ref Rally class :-

Thought we were going to run different class each round?
Modern is ok cos no GT cars are in this class.


· Phil Field
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Hi Steve,

In 70's F1 you can glue the tyres on to the original hubs or Slot it, NSR or Ninco F1 hubs

Gear ratio is 9/27, original or slot it.

The 6 classes will be run like 2011 alternate each fortnight.

4 rounds per class, best 3 to count.

Ninco class is ninco GT only, need to decide on motor choice?

Rally class will be on aberstone.

Ref your mazda, Boxer 2 open can is best. 11 or 12 pinion with 28 - 30 gear.

You will need a AW starter kit which includes pod, stopper & gear. they do standard or lowered pod!

Hope this helps.


· Phil Field
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Ninco GT is the same as the last couple of years Moslers, Ford GT, Lexus etc.

NSR classics are allowed in Le-mans GT ( Ive edited 2011 regs!) they were allowed in 2011.

The best DTM Merc is the CLK one, not the earlier C Klasse.

Hope this clears a few things up.

I will post all the dates for next year this week.

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