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Hi Guys.

Got a few questions about next year.

Number of classes this year we had 5 next year showing 6, so are we dropping one round from each class or is the rally class going to be as is now ie first free Thursday of the month. Also are we going to continue rotating the classes or going back to one at a time.


Are tyres allowed to be glued?
Standard hubs or not?
Original gears or just the orignial ratio?

Ninco GT

Is this for Ninco race cars, road cars, rally cars, all?
Are we setting a Motor or open to all Ninco motors?


Are we running this on Aberstone or rally stages

Le Mans

More bit of advice this one, If I want to change the motor in my Mazda whats the best? Boxer 2? Flat 6? Also what do I need to change it to anglewinder and best gear ratio.

Sorry for asking so many things at once but think it better than posting a new question every few days.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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