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Rules for 2012 LMP, GT and F1 Racing Series

All cars must be ready by the first race. No late entries because of tech inspection before the series starts.

These are the Rules for the 1/43d Scale LMP, GT and F1 2012 Road Racing Season. No deviation is allowed and if it isn't in the rules you cannot do it.


Cars eligible are SCX Compact F1 and Carrera GO!!! F1 cars only.
General Rules below apply, except stock chassis only. Motors are open.
LMP Class Car Rules:

LMP . A) Body must be an open or closed cockpit LMP class car which raced during the years 2007-2012.
Chassis: Carrera GO!!!, SCX, Artin, Ranch Design or other mass produced chassis. No "homemade" chassis.

Wheels, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, bearings, and fasteners may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer's parts.

LMP .C) Motors are open. Motors which trip overload protectors, slow other cars on the track, or cause other problems due to excessive current draw, will be excluded from racing.

GT Class Car Rules:
GT . A) Body must be a two door, closed cockpit car as raced in any GT series during the years 2007-2012, including ACO/LMS, ALMS, FIA GT (1, 2 & 3), Rolex Grand Am (GT Only), Japanese Super GT Series, ADAC GT Masters, GT Open Series, Belgian GT and FFSA GT Super Series. This includes GT1, GT2 and GT3 cars only.

GT .
Chassis: Carrera GO!!!, SCX, Artin, Ranch Design or other mass produced chassis. No "homemade" chassis.
Wheels, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, bearings, and fasteners may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer's parts.

GT . C) Motors are open. (Same rules as LMP)

General Car Rules (Applies to all GT and LMP):

G . A) Injection molded or resin bodies and vacuum formed bodies of 1/43d scale (See F1 rules for exception!).

G .
Any 1/43 wheels from Artin, Carrera Go!!!, Jiada, JJ Slots, SCX or Ranch Design (no 1/32 scale wheels)
All vehicles must have 4 tires that simultaneously touch the track while resting in the slot.
All 4 tires and wheels must be covered by the body assembly when looking at the car straight down from the top. No variance allowed.
All tires can be trued. All tires can be glued onto rims. Front tires can be coated. No tire goo, glue or other similar additives.

G . c) Guide may not project beyond body when aligned for straight, viewed from directly above.

G . d) All wheel drive, and multiple motors, may be used only if the actual car used them.

G . e) Cars must have sufficient ground clearance to permit free running without contacting track. Cars which drag on track will be excluded.

G . f) Clear window material must be used where the real car has clear material.

G . g) Racing numbers must be visible in three places on body. Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries.

G . h) Headlights and tail lights are required for GT & LMP cars, but are not required to actually illuminate. (May be painted in realistic manner where they appear on 1:1 car.)

G . i) Rear wing must be in place if actual car was raced with wing, in the class in which it is entered.

G . j) Interior must include, at minimum, a 1/43d driver on plate or shelf in the proper position for the car. Rear shelf is required under rear window, if 1:1 car has rear window. No mechanical components can be visible, including motors. If vac-formed, must be of reasonable detail and proportion. Paper drivers are not permitted.

G . k) Tires may be of any material, but must be black. Clear finish may be applied to front tire tread area. No chemical treatment (such as oil soaking) is permitted.

G . l) Entrant's name must be written on underside of chassis in paint or Sharpie.

G . m) Magnetic downforce will be checked by table provided by JXR, and may not exceed 30 points.
The allowed magnets:
Ranch Design barrel mag - 7 points
Artin standard half size - 9 points
Artin standard full size - 13 points
SCX Compact - 20 points
Carrera Go!!! - 24 points
Artin/Deegan HH Anti-Gravity - 29 points
6mm x 6mm x 1mm neo-mag (part # M0620) - 75g (15 points)
5mm x 5mm x 0.9mm neo-mag (part # M0517) - 35g (7 points)

The number of magnets you can use will be based on the points assigned to each magnet totaling no more that 30 points.

G. n) Carbon fiber is not permitted in vehicle construction.

G. o) No braid additive, juice or goo.

If it does not say you can, you can't!

Track must be a road course, have dynamic braking and be capable of running at least 15 volts with minimum of 3 amps per running lane available. Race will be run at 15or 16 volts at track managers discretion. Best 20 of 25 laps in each lane and please post fastest lap for each class as this is worth 1 point. Plastic tracks only, unless you have a wood track with metal braid for magnetic downforce.
Tracks must have adequate safety fencing to prevent excessive car damage. A picture of any track not already posted on HRW must be provided. Track must be spotlessly cleaned before your race. Cars are relying on traction and magnet downforce.

Each entry will be $5.00 per car for US, $5.00 Canada, $6.50 for Euro entries (Cost of postage). No more than 1 car entry per class per person (total of 3 cars, i.e. 1 GT, LMP and 1 F1).
Entry fees will go toward shipping and the remainder will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Cars received at race 1 without payment of entry fee will not be raced!
No late entries. Cars must arrive in time for the first race at HPR for technical inspection.

Tracks To Be Announced. See Track Rules Above.

Bodies eligible for GT & LMP classes:
Audi R8 LMS GT Ranch Design vacs and Kyosho
Aston Martin DBR9/DBRS Ranch Design & Kyosho
BMW M3 GTR GT2 & Z4 M Coupe GT3 CarGO and JJ Slots
2010-12 Camaro GT3 (Rolex Grand Am GT, also GT3)
Corvette C5-R & C6-R GT1 & C6-R GT2 & ZO6-R GT3 Ranch Design and Kyosho
Ferrari F430 & 458 GT2 & 3 (Carrera GO!!! Ferrari 458 GT requires addition of rear glass) Carrera GO!!! and Ranch Design
Ferrari 550/575 GT1 Ranch Design and Hot Wheels pullbacks
Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Academy Kits & Ranch Design
Lamborghini Murcielago GT1 Ranch Design & Academy Kits
Maserati MC12 GT1Ranch Design
Mercedes Benz SLS R GT3 Ranch Design
Nissan 350/370Z GT3 (Carrera GO!!!)and R35 GT-R GT 1 & 3 Ranch Design & Kyosho (w/rear wing added)
Porsche 997 GT2-RSR & GT3 (Carrera Cup body) Carrera GO!!! & Kyosho (w/rear wing added)
Viper Comp Coupe GT2 & 3 Carrera GO!!! (Dealer availability gone!) and Ranch Design and kits (Plastic)

The below can be made from the Porsche Spyder body (Carrera GO!!! & Ranch Design vac) with paint & decals:
Porsche RS Spyder
Acura ARX-01B & 02B
Audi R10/R15 TDI (Driver moved to left side)
Creation CA06H Judd
Lola B06/10
Lola B07/10
These cars can be made from the Carrera GO!!! Peugeot 908 body or JJ Slots LMP Coupe (Needs windows) & Ranch-Design LMP Coupe.
Peugeot 908 HDI-FAP
Audi R18
Lola Coupe (B08/B10) Aston Martin/Judd/Mazda/Toyota/Nissan
Epsilon Eskudia
Dome 102
The best place for inspiration for the LMP cars is the ALMS, WEC and Le Mans websites galleries.

Make sure you read all the rules!
Carrera, SCX, Hot Wheels, Ranch Design, Kyosho and JWL SlotCars have current bodies. JJ Slots, Carrera, Hot Wheels and SCX bodies must have glass and a driver added, as do all. Ranch Design has glass for Carrera & Hot Wheels cars.
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