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Beginning in January 2012 we will be holding a new series called the NASCAR Cup.
The series will run on the Wedenesday meetings between January & November.
You can run your own cars or have free use of the club cars(should NSR decide to make NASCARS in the meantime, they will be banned).

20k is the maximum permitted motor for this series, & it must be the motor the car was sold with when brand new in box (or an identical replacement).

In the interest of fairness, no pro (type) chassis.

All other features MUST also be left standard on these cars, EXCEPT;

1) The addition of weight to the interior of the car is permitted.
2) You are also permitted to use ANY tyre you so wish (WASP tyres being NERCS preferred choice of tyre).

Points to be awarded;
4pts. for 1st place.
3pts. for 2nd place.
2pts. for 3rd place.
1pt. for 4th place.

Crash & burn rule applies.

The marshals decision is final.

A prize will be awarded for the club champion.

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