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2015 Audi R8 LMS GT3 - Scaleauto

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Excellent news for GT3 fans and DiSCA racers.

Scaleauto has released 3D plans for the new version of the Audi R8:

The model will be released in 1:32 and 1:24.

If they are going to use the latest tech in their chassis this model is going to be very competitive in the DiSCA Euro GT series.

Looking forward to it.
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This looks nice Gio. Been looking at doing another car to use for DISCA GT3 series

Think Gary wont like the chassis though :)

I hope that scaleauto will be as fast in delivering this as with their C7R that is now available in spain (evotech).

Why will Gary not like this chassis? I do not think that this chassis is not complaint with the GT Euro Series regs...but I have been wrong before ;-)
It appears to have a flexi chassis. (Scaleauto refer to it as a Double-flex chassis) Which Gary isn't to keen on. Hence He's banned the B/A orange and S/A soft and medium chassis

I'm still waiting for S/A to release the club set of Racicals and the Porsche 3.0 RSR Carrera
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I see. Gary can chime in and correct me if I am wrong, but the problem with the orange BA chassis is that it is not the original chassis.

The way I see it, flexi tech is more related to the the way in which the chassis is designed: BA, S/A and the upcoming Sideways use similar principles.

The orange BA chassis use the flexi tech and also a softer material compared to the stock black one.
Hi guys! Gio thanks for sharing the news / pics, traditionally I don't get too excited about these kind of 'coming soon' press releases as I've seen far too many models mothballed or on perpetual delay (not from Scaleauto, but generally) but I agree it is a nice model and would think Scaleauto would do a good job with it.

You're both kind of right regarding the restrictions on the BA chassis but whatever the Audi might have underneath it (goes for the Corvette also) it's not a case of making a decision based on principle. We also have the Huracan from Sideways (maybe!
) coming up with a similar design philosophy in the chassis and if this is how it's going to be then we must find a way to introduce the model.

What I'm most concerned with is having a gulf of performance in the series when we're competing against older pedigree NSR designs (which are still very good) and heavier Scalextric models sitting on PCR or 3DP chassis.

Toward the end of last year it became clear that the orange BA chassis were edging ahead and grids were full of Ferraris. As an aftermarket part it also forced the hand of the racer to put his hand in his pocket to upgrade (or similar for other models if we allowed other kinds of soft chassis). It also puts 3DP at a disadvantage because while the maeterial can have comparable performance to a 'normal' OE injection chassis from manufacturer, the options aren't there to compete with a wider catalogue.

Since restricting the chassis to the original supplied with the BA 458, we've now seen both an Olifer chassis'd 458 on the grid and podium / win challenges from Scaleauto, NSR and Scalextric cars. It's turning out to have been the right decision and has allowed the series to maintain the balance of performance which allows for a nice variety of models to be in with a shot of a result.

Sorry to ramble on with a tech discussion about GT3 regulations.. but the bottom line is we'll have to test it! It might fit very well with the current performance bracket. If it doesn't, and neither does the Huracan, then we might need to look at moving the bracket or creating a two-tier formula. But ALL speculation until these models hit the track :)
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Maybe ahead of time/out of the box, but...Balance of performance can be achieved by using software to limit power. I know a lot of purists will not like the idea, but It is a serious option in my opinion.Of course you can discuss on how to determine the allowed power, but that's part of the game, as it is in 1:1 racing too.
I agree about being concerned on cars with different performance levels. But we should also be careful of slowing down the adoption of more advanced technology only because old models exist.

In the last race, you and Alex have proved that even a scalex body on a 3D chassis can be quite competitive against more advanced chassis designs.

One possible solution to bridge this potential gap for older models could be for 3D designers to come up with similar flexy technology.

I have talked about this with Joao at Suzuka early this year. Maybe we will see something interesting from them.
Some picture of the actual prototype:

I am not sure if this is just a 3D printed run (the window bits look not so transparent) but it looks really nice.
The proof of the pie
Hello guys, it been a while since I posted, noticed this thread and thought I'd chip in.

Although the R8 is still in its preproduction stage I can shed a bit of light on the new line R chassis as it has the same construction as the R chassis for the Corvette C7R


As with the Vette the R8 will be released with the "Hard" chassis which, in its stock form, its actually slightly stiffer than previous Scaleauto 1/32nd chassis (like the one for the Porsche 991)
The R chassis does come with slots that can allow the chassis to flex, but to do so you must cut the connecting tabs between the chassis parts.

As the Dutchies have enetered the C7R and the R chassis for the Oxigen WEC Endurance races we'll be testing the chassis very soon. And I know that Tom (van Leekwyck) probably has one or two R8's pre ordered...So we'll keep you updated ;)

With kind regards


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Hi Tamar

good to see you posting again.

I am also waiting to get my hands on a R8.
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I just hope they supply the body mounting screws this time!!!!

The A7R & Peugeot 208 kits did not, so really disappointing as they are supposed to be a complete kit!

I did email Scaleauto, but no reply as I asked if it was a mistake as you should not have to buy the extra screws and the silver large head screws are great, wide enough so you don't need a washer and no chance of getting stripped especially if opening the car all the time for tuning.

I bought 2 Peugeot from Pendle and they did send me the missing screws but not the silver one's!

If anyone can get an answer from Scaleauto on the matter that would be great?

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