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2018 -17th May. Q2, Rnd 6


MODS: In Steve Bryan's absence Dean Wragg gave Rob Heaton some competition at this round, Rob laying down the gauntlet with a new Modified Class record of 4.88 seconds. Dean started off well but at each pass his car got hotter - and slower, still gaining him nine points for second place though.

Mods - 1st Rob

Record - Rob - 4.94 at 17.460 mph (307.287 ips.) Rnd 5 Rob Heaton - 4.88 at 17.674 mph (311.066 ips.) Rnd 6

Rnd 6 01.JPG

STOCK: Danny Kaye was first up, showing the others how to do it with three good runs, each progressively faster to finish with an 8.67. Bob Hill followed but did things in reverse order, setting his fastest time of 9.31 seconds on his first pass. Doug Passell followed Danny's example, posting quicker times on each pass to take the lead with a 7.89. This was beaten by Andy Abbott on his first run and subsequently lowered to a new Stock Class record of 7.25 seconds. Dean Garbett was last up and started with a 'banker run' of 8.09 seconds, his second run putting him under the previous record set by Matt Ashmore and the last one setting a new record at 7.22 seconds.

Stock: 1st Dean G, 2nd Andy, 3rd Doug, 4th Danny and 5th bob.

Record - Matt Ashmore - 7.30 at 11.815 mph (207.945 ips.) Rnd 5 Dean Garbett - 7.22 at 11.946 mph (210.249 ips.) Rnd 6

Rnd 6 02.JPG


One Minute Baja Truck Challenge


Seven runners produced five different winners, Andy Abbott's new lap record both in distance AND fastest lap time giving him pole by a tenth of a lap from Rob Heaton. Dean Wragg took third spot, all three being covered by just half a lap.

A lap separated them from the next group, who were even more tightly bunched, Mark Webster being a twentieth of a lap back from Danny Kay, who was within 0.05 of a lap of Doug Passell, Bob Hill closing out qualifying in seventh another two thirds of a lap back.

The red lane and pickup truck were STILL the fastest BUT experience is closing the gap, with blue lane producing mighty close results.

Qualifying order was: Andy, Rob, Dean W, Doug, Danny, Mark and Bob.

Rnd 6 03.JPG


Fastest lap - Rob Heaton - 14.327 Yellow Rnd 5 Andy Abbott - 13.590 Red Rnd 6

Most laps - Andy Abbott - 3.75 Yellow Rnd 5 Andy Abbott - 3.90 Yellow Rnd 6

Best 3 - Andy Abbott - 10.55 Rnd 5 Andy Abbott - 11.00 Rnd 6


'B' Mark Webster was off like greased lightning BUT - finished fourth after a catastrophic first lap left him a mountain to climb. Bob Hill did much the same but recovered better to come home third just a twentieth of lap behind the lead pair of Danny Kaye and Doug Passell, who were thrashing it out on the middle lanes. Danny led for almost two laps but an off just before the lights let Doug through to move up to the 'A'.

'A' Red having proved to be a real handful at the last round, pole sitter Andy Abbott went for yellow, Rob Heaton picked red and Dean Wragg blue, leaving green as the step-up for Doug. Andy won it off the line, taking a one second lead in the first lap that he held throughout, although Rob never let him get any further ahead, finishing a twentieth of a lap - one second - behind as the power went off. Dean did much the same to Doug, getting the jump off the line and holding him at bay by a fractionally bigger margin - one tenth of a lap - to finish third overall

Final order was: Andy 1st, Rob 2nd, Dean W 3rd, Doug 4th, Danny 5th, Mark 6th and Bob 7 th.


Both Andy and Rob pushed through the four lap barrier but Andy set ALL the records.


Fastest lap - Andy Abbott - 14.754 Red Rnd 5 Andy Abbott - 13.770 Yellow Rnd 6

Most laps - Andy Abbott - 3.70 Red Rnd 5 Andy Abbott - 4.15 Yellow Rnd 6


Fastest lap - Rob Heaton - 14.327 Yellow Rnd 6 Qualifying Andy Abbott - 13.590 Red Rnd 6

Most laps - Andy Abbott - 3.75 Yellow Rnd 6 Qualifying Andy Abbott - 4.15 Yellow Rnd 6

Best 3 - Andy Abbott - 10.55 Rnd 6 Qualifying Andy Abbott - 11.00 Rnd 6

Rnd 6 04.1.jpg

(Prev. Steve - 77.75 Rnd 10)

Rnd 6 - MAIN

LM/CanAm/GpC SRT+/MegaG/MegaG+


Qualifying was hard fought, with five different winners and only two start to finish wins.

Heat one was pretty tame as everyone got the measure of the track after the enforced six week gap, Dean Garbett taking his first win of the night.

Overall though, things were very close, epitomised by the heats two and three battles between Rob Heaton and Andy Abbott, Rob winning heat two from Andy by a third of a lap, prompting a stinging three lap defeat by Andy when lane allocation was reversed in heat three.

Rnd 6 05.JPG

Danny Kaye took a great victory in heat four, defeating Doug Passell by less than a twentieth of a lap in the dying seconds, heat five giving us the first start to finish win from Dean Garbett.

Heat six saw a surprise win for Doug Passell, Andy Abbott's car having problems on blue, whilst Bob Hill and Mark Webster ended up just 15/100th's of a lap apart after a race long duel, the red lane favouring Bob - just!

The seventh heat was just astonishing. With four different leaders, all four having been last at some stage and with nineteen changes of position, the graph ended up looking like a plate of spaghetti, Doug Passell emerging from the tangle to lead Dean Wragg home.

Rnd 6 07.jpg

Heat eight gave us the second start to finish win, again from Dean Garbett, who left a frantic battle behind him for second place. This was almost a repeat of heat seven, all three trying on all three remaining places for size at various points throughout the three minutes, Mark Webster eventually emerging from the pack to snatch second spot.

Qualifying order was: Dean Garbett, Andy Abbott, Doug Passell, Rob Heaton, Dean Wragg, Mark Webster, Danny Kaye and Bob Hill.



Fastest lap - Steve Bryan - 6.889 Red Rnd 5 - STANDS

Most laps - Steve Bryan - 24.35 Red Rnd 5 - STANDS

Best 3 - Steve Bryan - 70.80 - Rnd 5 - STANDS

Rnd 06.JPG


'C' The Barnsley Boys, Bob Hill and Danny Kaye, gave us a great demonstration of side by side racing each leading five of the first ten laps but consecutive offs on laps ten and eleven from Bob gave Danny a chance to break away - and he did, building a one lap advantage that he held to the end. He moved up to the 'B', leaving Bob secure in eighth place.

'B' Having got his eye in, Danny Kaye drove a more measured race than the slightly faster Mark Webster. The quicker laps didn't pay off though, leading to six track excursions for Mark, as opposed to Danny's three. This saw Danny taking third here and sixth overall, with Mark in seventh. Rob Heaton and Dean Wragg slugged it out for the full three minutes too. Dean got the slower start but gradually hauled Rob in, only to lose it all with a brief off. Dean had to do it all over again but ran out of time, Rob holding up against the pressure to move up to the 'A' by less than half a lap.

Rnd 6 08.jpg

'A' The 'A' turned out to be a MegaG versus SuperG showdown. Dean Garbett and Rob Heaton were running MegaG's on red and green respectively, Andy Abbott and Doug Passell fielding SG+'s on yellow and blue. The top qualifiers, Dean and Andy, were away within 2/1000ths of a second of each other, Dean being first, while Doug was 4/100ths behind, Rob moving last almost a tenth of a second slower still. All relative though, as blink and you'd have missed them all. Dean drove faultlessly to take a comfortable win, while Doug and Rob matched move for move in the gutter lanes, an off from Rob in the dying seconds handing Doug second place. Meantime Andy was having a bit of a 'mare, a series of off's seeing him gradually fall back through the pack to finish fourth overall. Last time we saw something similar from someone else, a badly bent guide pin proved to be the culprit. Same again maybe?

Final order was: Dean Garbett, Doug Passell, Rob Heaton, Andy Abbott, Dean Wragg, Danny Kaye, Mark Webster and Bob Hill.

Rnd 6 09.JPG



Fastest lap - Steve Bryan - 6.961 Red Rnd 5 - STANDS

Most laps - Steve Bryan - 24.25 Red Rnd 5 - Dean Garbett - 24.35 Red Rnd 6


Overall - all records were set in qualifying.

Fastest lap - Steve Bryan - 6.889 Red Rnd 5 - STANDS

Most laps - Steve Bryan - 24.35 Red Rnd 5 - MATCHED - Dean Garbett - 24.35 Red Rnd 6

Best 3 - Steve Bryan - 70.80 - Rnd 5 - STANDS

Rnd 6 10.JPG


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