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AGM 2018 - 21st December 2018



clean sweep of all 3 classes by Mike Thomson


Newcomer of Year - Phil Giddings
Main Grade Champion- Rob Kerr
Endurance Champion - **** Kerr
F1 Champion - **** Kerr & Adam le Maistre
Overall Champion - Matt Tucker

Productive AGM last night, thank you.

Raceway - weekly Tuesday
Racetrack - weekly Friday
Digital - qtryl Saturday

All comittee members re-elected unaposed.

Chair - Matt Tucker
Finance - Mile Thomson
Secretary/Website - David Collins
Raceway - Steve Taylor
Scale Track - Rob Kerr
Digital - Nick Wade

I am very appreciative of Rob stepping up to Scale Track Race Co-or.

I will have a chat with Mike about a suitable club gesture to all those whom volunteer and take on these official roles.

Club invested heavily in digital equipment in 2018, but overall made a surplus, meeting its financial objectives.

Club fees stay the same. £5 annual membership, weekly fees (up to 3 nights racing), adult £5, <18 £1.

We voted in the following proposals:

1) Oval remains - sorry Mr Farrow

2) Consolidation and culling of classes for scale track - Nik Kerswill to put together specific proposals to be voted on.

3) Change in race format to 6 classes per year on a weekly rotation. Classes to be verified at AGM. For this transition year race classes and format remain as planned until we have all things in place to smoothly transfer.

4) Progress getting Race Co-ordinator on all tracks. Mike Thomson and Gavin Wills
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