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New Porsche ASR class rules.

Eligible models:
Porsche 956C/KH, Porsche 962C/KH/LH/IMSA
Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

• Axle stopper/s may be used on rear axle to control gear mesh.
• Inline cars must run the current box stock 0.5mm offset motor mount (CH70) with standard alloy 16.5 x 8mm wheels (PA43als) or Slot.It W15808225A Ex WH1050-AL (15.8 x 8).
• Sidewinder option must use the Slot.It SI-CH67 - EVO6 Sidewinder Offset 0.5MM Motor Mount or equivalent. (Older versions are end bell drive some are light grey).
• Front tyres are free choice and can be glued and trued. Front tyres can also be 'glazed'.
• Guide can be replaced with screw fit version: CH85. Guide can be trimmed.
• All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice.
• Standard front axle blocks can be replaced with grub screws in the provided holes only.

The following points are mandatory:
•Inline 28t Bronze non offset crown wheel must be used with 9t pinion. As supplied.
• Sidewinder gears 11 to 32. Pinion SI-PS11, Spur Gear SI-GS1832 or SI-GS1832-PL
• Traction magnets must be removed.
• Wheel inserts must be present at all times.
• Cars must start each heat with the rear spoiler firmly attached.
• Bodyshells must be painted / finished. No naked plastic or clear coated naked plastic.
• Bodyshells must be complete apart from small breakable items such as mirrors, wipers etc.
• Overall wheel track can be extended to the body limits and tyres must not be visible when viewed from above.
• The only eligible motors for this series are the orange box stock MY06 V12/3 or MX16 V12/4 As fitted in all current models.
Tyres must be F22's (PT1207F22 or SI-PT27) or F15's (SI-PT26). They can be glued and trued.

If in doubt ask.
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