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2019 Saloon Rules

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ASR Saloon Class Rules 2018-2019

These rules are based on the new DTM cars so if you purchase a new DTM car you will only have to replace the tyres.

1. Cars are saloon/touring car/DTM cars powered by specified in-line short can motors. No group 5 cars. If in doubt check first.
2. For 2019 two motors are allowed, the black can S-Can Motor 21.000 rpm V12/4 (SIMX15) and the Scaleauto S-Can Motor 20000rpm (SC-0008B).
3. For 2019 chassis can be DTM, HRS, original chassis supplied with car or 3D printed. No metal chassis.
4. The body must be plastic. Interiors are free choice.
5. Tyres should be F15 or F22 10mm wide. The tyres may be glued and trued. Front tyres can be glued and trued. Overall wheel track can be extended to the body limits and tyres must not be visible when viewed from above.
6. Where possible cars must run the 0.5mm offset motor mount (CH70 or equivalent). Wheel hubs will not exceed 8mm in width.
7. Gears are 9t pinion to 28t crown.
8. Front tyres are free choice and can be glued and trued. Front tyres can also be 'glazed'.
9. All screws, wires, braid and eyelets are free choice.
10. Standard front axle blocks can be replaced with grub screws in the provided holes only.
11. The guide must be standard CH66 or the screw fit version CH85. Any other guides may be considered providing the guide blade does not exceed the size of the CH66.
12. Traction magnets are not allowed and must be removed if present.
13. Weight is free choice.
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