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Saturday May 16 2020 sees the start of the 2nd 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally Proxy.

The proxy will be run on my 'Little Monte' 1/43 routed MDF, with copper tape, slot rally track in Norwich UK.

I had intended to run this one in September this year, but have too much going on personally around that time and, as we need good weather to run the event in my shed, later in the year may not be practical.

I will post the rules soon, but they will be similar to last year's event except for a tightening up on wheel standards and body mods in the scratchbuilt class.

In the last event, class 1 and class 2 became a little confusing at times so, for the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy the classes will just be called Standard RTR and Scratchbuilt.

More details, and rules, to follow soon.

Regards, Lloyd

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A challenge has been set to all the entrants of the 2020 1/43 Little Monte Carlo Rally proxy!

Today, at the Cafe Turini in the mountain village of Lantinet on the route of the 2020 1/43 LMCRP, local taxi driver Michelle Agneau stated that she could get round the course quicker in her Mercedes taxi than the competitors will next May!

This is some challenge, and when I asked her why she drove a Mercedes taxi rather than a Citroen. She said that she had previously spent some time driving taxis in Ingoldstadt and liked German taxis, even when they were only 2WD.

I then watched her lap the route at a good pace for over 2 hours and, even though I have not put the stopwatch on her yet, I do believe she may be able to get round quicker than last year's field!

So what do you have to do to beat her?

Her taxi weighs 57 grammes, has a brass sheet chassis, a Radio Shack FF030 motor, mounted sideways and correct to scale wheels with urethane tyres. It also has a Pfuetze 3DP guide with soft braids.

I would not dare tell her this, but I think her car is too big! There are constant banging noises as she speeds around the mountain and, very occassionally, gets stuck! So I think that competitors may be better with someting a little smaller than a Merc 220!

But the weight, Pfuetze guide and urethane tyres should make most cars work well on this track.

It is also important that the guide is allowed to turn a long way to each side or the car will deslot on the tight turns!

So there it is, are you up for the challenge??? Maybe your better half or daughters may like to enter a car to challenge Michelle, what do you think?

Michelle's taxi:

Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Wheel

Musical instrument Guitar accessory Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Guitar

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Hood Gas

Composite material Gas Flooring Concrete Water

Motor vehicle Wood Vehicle Automotive lighting Asphalt

Regards, Lloyd


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