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At the 2018 AGM we agreed:

3) Change in race format to 6 classes per year on a weekly rotation. Classes to be verified at AGM. For this transition year race classes and format remain as planned until we have all things in place to smoothly transfer.

We will start this revised format in 2020. At the AGM we will discuss whether we continue with Endurance and F1 and what format, with the assumption that we will continue with these classes and format as per 2019.

So I need you to think about what 6 classes we will run in 2020. Please can everyone submit the 6 classes they wish to see.

Note, base your choice on the currently available class list. If by the time of the AGM we have an agreed set of consolidated GT rules, or others, I will provide an opportunity for these to be considered, even though the finalised versions are not available yet.

Note GT3, as per national rules, will be a class that is in the rotation.

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