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2021 What vintage cars/stuff have you bought

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Another year and it all starts again

First arrival of the new year

Vehicle Wheel Car Toy Automotive lighting

An Airfix Clubman Special Ferrari 250LM

Musical instrument Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Wheel

Circuit component Gas Engineering Electric blue Machine

This is a non runner as the motor brushes aren't installed and been fitted with what I think are Scalextric plastic rear wheels.

Bought this mainly to get the motor as it was cheaper than most chassis / motors seem to be going for at the moment.


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Indi-Novi_Ferguson models that I can find listed

726 ready to race with 3 pole motor, this is from the earliest publication I have listing the model

From the 1969 catalogue

726 ready to race with ball race motor

727 4WD kit car

8009 Standard Clubman Special kit

681 body kit, this I believe is the Clubman Special body

From the last catalogue to feature Airfix from the late 1970s.

5300 Hi-Speed MRRC, this will be with clip in motor and plastic rear axle holder

The next catalogue I have is from 2000 and all the cars had gone.

Aren't the MRRC motors either 3 pole or 5 pole?
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This weeks deliveries

An interesting little chassis, but I'm not sure about the guide, bought mainly to get the motor.

Wheel Tire Toy Motor vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Tire Sports equipment Skateboard Rolling

And got this without a box but didn't pay a premium for it. Who can guess what I'm going to do with it?

Auto part Space Engineering Electric blue Machine

Hood Automotive design Car Auto part Toy

Hopefully sort out a sidewinder chassis so I can keep the full interior.


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Guessed the guide was homemade, thought it might have been from 'T' section plastistruct but curtain rail makes sense. If I do keep the chassis as is I will be changing the guide as the screw hole is now way over size.
last week I had a couple of vintage acquisitions...

First came this Super Shells Lotus Elite body kit.

Hood Vehicle Input device Automotive lighting Plastic bag

Automotive lighting Hood Product Motor vehicle Bumper

Time to start doing some research now as the main support race for the 1964 Goodwood TT was the 2000 GT TT but I have found a lot of info yet, but there were a few Elites in the race.

One thing that has got me confused at the moment is that Super Shells recommend their saloon chassis, of which I have a couple, but can't see how you fit it at the moment.

Then at the end off the week came this Pactra Lotus 30 vac body.

Automotive lighting Toy Automotive design Car Motor vehicle

Have to admit that I know nothing about this, I have a plan for it, but would to find out if it's got any real value or how common they are.first.


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Hi Tony, Thanks for the offer, I already have two of the pop in sports/saloon chassis, one with the can motor and adaptors. It the attachment that has me confused at the moment as the mounting points on the pop in chassis don't match the body shell.

Having looked at the instructions again the chassis shown for the Elite isn't the pop in one

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

The chassis id the Porsche is what I have, with the round attachment lugs. The Elite chassis looks like it has screws or set screws and nuts with different side mount points. Is there another Super Shells sports car chassis?


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Hi John, Thanks for the offer but I think this time I'll pass and at some point print my own chassis.
Nice haul there, although as It's steel not what I would be going for. At leaser you'll be able to use the original style barriers I can see as it looks like a lot of the curves are the second style of plastic moulding, or are the bronze rail? Hope you got some track edge clips if you intend to use the borders.
Had a little delivery today and the realised I hadn't posted this which I received at the end of January.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Sleeve Rectangle Cap Emblem Bag

A Polistil DromoCar 700DN, I've been looking to get the Ferrari P5

Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Tire

for awhile and in the end got the whole set for less than most of the P5 I have seen. The other car in a Alfa 33.

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Both cars run fine but I was surprised by the wheels. The front wheels are solid plastic and the rear wheels are also solid plastic with a groove which takes what looks like a thick rubber band.

Blue Toy Gas Wheel Auto part

Although it's not visible the transparency is broken on the P5, although it's in two parts the break is under the bodywork behind the doors and the way it's broken the parts hold together.

Some of the track is a bit rusty and the set doesn't work as the controller wires have been cut off.

Blue Watch Red Gas Font

Tool Bag Kitchen utensil Musical instrument Wind instrument

Automotive lighting Rectangle Gas Motor vehicle Tin

I'm assuming there are some parts missing from the controllers, does any have a complete one they could post a internal photo of? Also does anyone have a set of instructions I could have a copy of?

Todays arrival

Car Toy Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle

A late ready to run Revell Ferrari 250GTO

Automotive lighting Blue Motor vehicle Toy Bumper

With plastic chassis but the car has been fitted with the adjustable chassis, locknut wheel, running gear.

It came with a pair of wide rear tyres fitted that were rubbing on the chassis and the rear wheels were a bit tight to the chassis. Little bit of adjustment and it runs ok. I don't have any spare Revell tyres or urethanes at the moment and I tend to use Airfix F1 rear tyres as they fit fine, if a little small but this time, following on from what GRAH1 said in his Arii Beetle post, I have tried the tyres from my kit of the Beetle and although a little hard they fit very well and work nicely.


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This is the slim Jim designed to fit the GP bodies

Font Auto part Machine Fashion accessory Metal

and the Sports Car to fit the sports cars

Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Aircraft Toy

As I understand things now the Popin has pegs in place of the screw holes.

The Slim Jim is upside down but as an idea of size it will almost fit in the Sports chassis.


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Get to a little bit of theme here as following on from the Revell 250 GTO yesterday I received this Strombecker 250 GTO

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Toy

Automotive lighting Vehicle Motor vehicle Toy Gas

Runs fine, just needed the rear tyres replacing as one just wouldn't stay on the rim which are single flange on the outside edge only. The front tyres will also need replacing as they move as well. Haven't checked the measurements but body is a little bigger than both the Revell and Fly models and not sure about the upward pointing exhausts.

And another Revell, a Aston Martin DB5 and although this was also a running it needed more work to get it to run on track. First a change of rear tyres and like with the Revell GTO I have used the second pair from the Arii Beetle kit as they fit and work well. I had to change the braids as those fitted were so heavy and thick that they couldn't be folded against the guide and kept lifting the car out of the slot. The car also had the same problem of de-slotting on parts of the climb on the Monte track, just like the Revell E-Type, and the cure was to fit a spacer under the guide flag, as per the E-Type.

Tire Vehicle Car Wheel Automotive lighting

Product Toy Gas Machine Gadget

Also received this 'slot car'

Hood Motor vehicle Kit car Font Vehicle door

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Truck Automotive tire

A Motorific Ford GT40 but which model is it? Well it's defiantly not 1/32nd scale as it's way to narrow

Automotive lighting Hood Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior

and appear to be totally out of shape as it appears to be to long for the width

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Vehicle

but I think it's based on the 1956 Mk2 car that was 12 inches long than the Mk1 and the 1966 Mk2 (Mk2a) and based on the Daytona cars. The length , overall and wheelbase, come out at about 1/36th scale but just over 2mm to narrow. So maybe I won't be converting it but then who knows, just change the 3 volt cube motor for a 12volt and fit a guide.


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I think it was a case of simple economics for a lot of '60s slot car manufactures. You have a chassis that has a certain width ,length or height and has to be pressed to shape so do you spend money having the dies for the press changed or just make the new model fit the chassis. For most manufactures using metal chassis I think the cost of changing a chassis that was to big for the scaled body out weighed the need to be 100% scale accurate. One advantage manufactures like Scalextric and Airfix had with their clamshell bodies or running gear clipped on to the body moulding was the only size determining factor would be the motor or crown gear.
This arrived a week ago, an ebay purchase.

Wheel Car Tire Motor vehicle Ecoregion

I already have a coupe of Champion C sets and this one is incomplete, no cars, the barriers are all broken, only one very broken controller and only a few track joint clips. The track is all there, but some is broken, as are the bridge supports.

Grille Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Rectangle

So why did I buy this set which I actually made an offer on which was three times the staring bid price?

The reason is in the spaces where the cars should be.

Six packs of motor carbon brushes,

Outerwear Sleeve Material property Font Electric blue

but even more valuable was five packs if the original perforated pick up braids

Sleeve Material property T-shirt Font Electric blue

I would have paid quite a bit more just to get theses.


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The Lotus and Ferrari are both original version cars, double pin guide and no screen, and both look like they have painted wheels which should be body coloured. The Cooper and Porsche are the second version pin guide cars that have the windscreens and have had their wheels swopped. I haven't come across a dark green Lotus as they are normally light green for the MR15 set or red in the MR7 set, colour coded to the controllers. Hard to tell in the photos with all the muck on it but has it been painted as it doesn't look like plastic, but as I said with all the muck on it hard to tell.
When I first saw this I didn't take much notice, as I've go so many Airfix cars that need renovating at the moment and all the wheels needing to be swopped or replaced. Then on a second look I saw the 'mark' under the cockpit which is what makes me think it's been painted, would be nice to be wrong.
I was keeping my fingers cross as the Cooper was released in two shades of green so it could have been but Airfix did seen to be fairly consistent. I suppose it was down to years of experience.
This was listed as a built model kit but as I'm after a few 904's I had a look and found

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive design

Smile Font Poster Art Advertising

Vehicle Car Wheel Tire Toy

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Gadget Rectangle Electric blue

seems to have all the paperwork as well

Wheel Vehicle Car Tire Motor vehicle

Blue Font Material property Pattern Ink

even got all the sprues

Rectangle Gas Font Electric blue Parallel

Only thing that appears to be missing is the mirror.

Just needed a new pair of rear tyres, already fitting in photo and the wiring swopping around, and all for a very reasonable price and under my initial bid.


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Latest Acquisition


Super Shells Lotus 30 with Sports car Chassis but with the can motor


It's a runner but needs new braids and I'm not all the sure about the gear mesh as it's right on the edge of the pinon, looks like a job for my gear puller. I also had to to change the rear tyres and at the moment I've fitted a pair of small Monogram/Revell urethanes but they are a little bit small so will add the correct ones to my next tyre order.



I seem to be building up a collection of Lotus 30 at the moment. I have my original Hawk static kit the has a modified SRC sidewinder chassis fitting and is detailed in my retirement build thread.


Then my Pactra vac form


and a Tamiya kit


Wow, I like the new photo pasting options so easy. The first two photos I inserted using the insert image icon, three and four I copied the image on my PC and pasted directly in to the post, five I copied from the other thread and also pasted directly in to the tread and the last tow I copied the image on my website and again pasted directly in to the post. 🤩 (Just wish the smilies were better, the only thing I'm missing at the moment).
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The Tamiya kit is the same size as the Hawk and Super Shells and the windscreen is a perfect fit for the hawk and seems the same size as the Super Shells. The Pactra is the same width as all the others but the over all length is a bit shorter with the front and rear of the body being more rounded than the other three but the wheelbase is the same.
Latest arrival, another Porsche 917, a Spanish Scalextric K this time.




The motor runs and the tyres don't seem to bad but the car won't run on track. Motors quite slow, all look ok and a little clean up may help but I have a feeling it's the magnet as it need a turn of the cranking handle, quick turn of the wheels, to get it going. Don't think I've got any spare RX motors at the moment but I do have a couple of the replacement can motors and adaptors or I might wait and get some replacement magnets. It also came with a reproduction cardboard box and insert.
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