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2021 What vintage cars/stuff have you bought

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Another year and it all starts again

First arrival of the new year

Vehicle Wheel Car Toy Automotive lighting

An Airfix Clubman Special Ferrari 250LM

Musical instrument Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Wheel

Circuit component Gas Engineering Electric blue Machine

This is a non runner as the motor brushes aren't installed and been fitted with what I think are Scalextric plastic rear wheels.

Bought this mainly to get the motor as it was cheaper than most chassis / motors seem to be going for at the moment.


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only trouble is those stripes were black on yellow bodywork.
looks like your decal sheet is for one of the 1963 Sebring 12 hr. entries by Shelby American. "Slash" type striping would often be used, and with different colors, across fenders or the nose of a car to help the pits identify who it is coming in when a team had multiple entries. As to who, where and on what car, I'm certainly no expert (unless I'm building that particular one). Leave this to the guys who can tell you what the chassis number was, the displacement and "tweaks" for that engine, etc. etc.
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"quotes, unquotes, and quotes"

"That's three quotes?"

"Yes sir"

"Add another quote and make it a gallon. How much is in a gallon, Jamison?"
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Groucho as Capt. Spaulding in "Animal Crackers"
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very early on, when I was hunting stuff at the flea market (got many miles of walking in back then!), nine times out of ten the found motor would be someone's rewind that had somehow survived. They would get installed in my humble little homeset 1/32's, and boy what a handfull! Since then, all have been re-motored with box stock versions of the original manufacturer's motor, and the "hot" ones put away and marked as such.
think you meant "IMC" on the Ford stocker? Some like that recently on the E out of Boulder, just up the road. The Crane scratchbuilding parts are extremely rare; wish I had one or two.
congrats, John, looks like fun times ahead. Are you going to go for a 4 lane setup, based on the 4 controllers that came with?

perhaps about when this model released, they were thinking of the first Lotus assault on Indy, 1963 it was, with Ford power in the type 29's. They were quite a shocker when they showed up, Americans always smugly thinking they are the only game around. Doubt anyone then even knew what a 25 was. (maybe a few journalists)

??? variations? Unless my weakening eyes deceive me, John's box does say 1/24.
Am more confused; and really, how large were Roth's "wierdos" to be scaled "properly"??

Glad I only chase 1/32 stuff.
ahh, but what great weight distribution.

Of course, the Iso was running a Chev 327 rather than the Ford unit.

Let's see if there's an image.

Last night finally scored on two rare Scalex cars, the Tiger and TR4 from the Hong Kong/Lionel days of Scalextric history, circa 1964. Have waited many years for these, seeing the astronomical prices paid in Europe for such, and though very unique aren't that great mechanically. I lump them in with the Eldon's in this country. They will entertain, but not win races nor are they very "tuneable" (despite the label announcing such!). I knew that Lionel imported them into the US, so was waiting for one to show up on this side of the Atlantic that I could bid on in dollars, and that would also have restrictions as to NOT shipping to Europe. These are quite old, and despite the broken windshield on the Tiger, are in very good shape. So that prompted what I consider to be high winning bids, just short of $100 US for each car. This purchase may signal the end of my ebay days, as then the tax and shipping (though fair) are stacked on top, with the added frivolities of having to play children's games just to get into the site and bidding. The hobby for me has taken a turn away from the collecting anyway, as this last year with it's challenges, has brought me into a renewed period of productive restoration and building of what I already have.

Phil, do you think you might have the Tiger windscreen in your trove?

Steve in CO
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and then I remember hearing about "double winds" too! More discussion?
and now, "double wire" hookups!

I believe those are "caster" style fronts, but of course free-wheeling as well. Never understood the advantage.

Is the 26d can carved out to clear the rear axle?

I seem to remember at least Evanston, Il. had a club and would send racers around the area.
snagged this "buy it now" on American ebay yesterday. However, did not pay the listed price; there was a "special" offered. Hope the 2nd gen Revell Cobra is restorable; these are nigh impossible to find; I've never had one!
wow, ajd, looks like you bought the whole table! Or perhaps your total score from various. Nice. And John, that's a real scratchbuilder's delight. I particularly like the SMEC bits.
after a long draught from ebay purchasing, this arrived today. A nice price for this one, a Lindberg, one of the rarest from four F1 offerings they had as this one only came as a kit, I believe. And the subject was kind of rare back then as well, at least for 1/32. VIP did Beardy's Sharknose Ferrari, and Airfix had one in their early offerings. It's interesting that Monogram or some American manufacturer did not do this, Phil Hill taking the car to one of only two American championships. I think Russkit did one in the larger scale, and I built up the 1/32 Dubro vac many years ago so as to have one. This Lindberg will need some refurbishing, most notably those giant Cox steamrollers will have to go!!
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oops, I forgot: Supershells also did a 1/32 "kit", and Scalextric had an off-scale offering. So all the other four Sharknose 1/32 Ferraris were from England, which I find interesting and odd.
I think you are right, Keith. It wasn't til the mid-60's that Monogram released their two beautiful 1/32 F1 slots. But speaking of American manufacturers, even Indy/oval/dirt cars were not prolific early on. Strombecker comes to mind with their Indy Watson and cute little midget; a bit later Monogram did a 1/24 Midget on the heels of their static kit. A number of my vintage collector friends draw a blank when I ask them about representatives of Indy in their collections! I've gone the extra mile in assembling a small fleet, but I had to build most all of them from scratch; the AMT Parnelli Jones Watson static comes to mind. Oh, just a historical note: the US held it's first F1 races in the early days: 1959 at Riverside, and 1960 at Sebring (in conjunction with their sports car race). A lot of the boys from Europe did come over, but I wonder what American's view of this strange sport was. Better stop here as I'm getting non-topical!
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