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2021 What vintage cars/stuff have you bought

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Another year and it all starts again

First arrival of the new year

Vehicle Wheel Car Toy Automotive lighting

An Airfix Clubman Special Ferrari 250LM

Musical instrument Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Wheel

Circuit component Gas Engineering Electric blue Machine

This is a non runner as the motor brushes aren't installed and been fitted with what I think are Scalextric plastic rear wheels.

Bought this mainly to get the motor as it was cheaper than most chassis / motors seem to be going for at the moment.


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Hi Peter,

I have extended MRRC steering guides several times just using a strip of plasticard or similar. Smooth off the guide surface well, ensure the two surfaces mate well, clean both surfaces with lighter fluid and then super glue in place. I normally find my finger stuck as well whilst holding in straight whilst it sets, but a small price to pay! Then smooth and shape to the desired depth.

Example below.



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