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NSR Round 1

1st Nick 132.23 (15pts)
2nd Elliot 125.80 (12pts)
3rd Mick 125.47 (10pts)
4th Martin 124.11 (8pts)
5th Rob 115.29 (6pts)
6th Gary 114.52 (5pts)
7th Mike 114.22 (4pts)
8th Jamie 76.72
9th Ashley 67.98

NSR Round 2

1st Nick 133.86 (15pts)
2nd Elliot 132.50 (12pts)
3rd Mick 128.55 (10pts)
4th Martin 125.49 (8pts)
5th Mike 119.39 (6pts)
6th Rob 119.23 (5pts)
7th Gary 103.50 (4pts)
8th Ashley 80.94
9th Jamie 73.27

Once again a lot of drivers had problems with these cars, Have we reached a point where we need to relax the rules for this series to make the racing closer?

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Hi all
I spent a lot of time working through the problems with the 997, a log of which I posted on this forum.
The problem stems from a high torque motor running in a short wheel base chassis.
Using slot it tyres hid the problem whith less traction.
Adding weight didn't help at all.
The early cars with solid rims didn't appear as problematic as the cars using airlight wheels. I would like to know if any members had this feeling.

There are two problem areas, deslotting in a straight line and deslotting in a corner.
Deslotting in a straight line is overcome by letting the drop arm swing free.
In a corner I found the guide was so loose in the drop arm after a few races it would lay over and deslot under load. I fitted a ninco proslot guide, this is not a straight swap as the post is slightly larger in diameter, so it needs reducing. Initially it transformed the car, but after two race nights it too is a loose fit. So I am wondering if the plastics used are stretching or wearing.

If anyone has any ideas they want testing I am happy to spend more time on this.

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I will say each time you race these cars you never know what your going to get, the characteristics if the car changes all the time, my thought has always been that the secret to these cars has been the rear tyres and it seemed to show on Friday. After lubing up the axel which now is really smooth the car seems to be quite quick but the car kept snatching for grip purely as the tyres are I think too grippy it didn't matter if it was a straight or a corner did the same thing. I did put thinners on them in hope it may possibly ruining the soft rubber a bit in fact made little difference. I will take up nicks advice on the throttle as it does make a difference it will be a great class once we all find the solution
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