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20th Turin Vintage meeting 1-3 May 2009

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1-3 May 2009

Turin's Vintage Slot Meeting is the most classical and well-known appointment in the vintage slot world. In 2009 the meeting will be the 20th edition (the first was in 1978).
The swapmeet will take place on Saturday (10.00 am - 7.00 pm) and on Sunday morning.
Tables and participation are free and according to tradition the market precedes the actual meeting.

This year's subject will be:


The Meeting is divided into two parts:
The Concours (with the voting of all participants) and the Race. Results in Concours will be awarded with 60% marks in regards to the Race.

The spirit of this 20th Vintage Meeting is to gather the most exact and accurate copies of the originals in 1/24 and 1/32 scale. The scratchbuilt models may take part but will suffer a penalty.

1- The presented models will have to be the exact reproductions of model cars built before 31.12.1972.
2- Each competitor is allowed to present one single model for each category (1:24 and 1:32).
3- In order to enter the competition, each competitor will have to show his from Saturday after 5:00 pm before 9:30 on Sunday morning The entry fee is 10 Euro per driver.
4- Each competitor will be given a voting form with all the models taking part in the Concours. It's forbidden to vote for one's own models.
5-The vote will have a range from 1 to 9. For every competitor the highest and the lowest vote will be cancelled.
6-The outcome of the Concours will result from the sum of all valid votes.
7-The Contest score will be the following: the 1st 40 points, the 2nd 32 points, the 3rd 28, the 4th 26, the 5th 24, the 6th 22, the 7th 20, the 8th 18, the 9th 16, etc. up to the 16th who will get 2 points. From the 17th onwards 1 point.
8- After the Concours voting, the 1/24 and 1/32 races will take place in 3 minutes heats.
9- The Management will arrange the composition of the heats according to the performance of the models.
10- The final results of the race will get a minor score of the Contest. That is: the 1st 25 points, the 2nd 20 points, the 3rd 17, the 4th 15, the 5th 14, the 6th 13, and so on.
11- The sum of the two different results (Concours and Race), after deducting any possible penalty, will declare the winner of the Meeting.
12- A Technical Commission will be created with 3 drivers to discuss and solve any type of problems which should arise.

A. The spirit of the meeting consist in having the most faithful models as possible to the originals, with chassis, body and type of engine* of the same brand. Therefore also the models which do not meet the adequate requirements will be allowed to participate but will have to have deducted some penalty points from the total of the final points.
B. All tyres will have to be black. The use of repro tyres is allowed. It is forbidden the use of mou, both on the tyres and on the track.
C. Any kind of magnet on the chassis is forbidden. Models with open motor and central magnet, will have 5 mm ground clearance under the motor. It is allowed to weight the model only with lead fixed inside the model.
D. It is allowed to lower the body by modifying the fastenings so to make the model look more realistic. The body of the model will not be allowed to be cut or filed. It is allowed only to add parts and not to removed them.
E. Maximum width allowed: 1/32 62 mm and 1/24 75 mm
F. The foreseen penalties are the following:
- Chassis / body of different brands - 5 points
- Vacuform body (even when original) - 2 points
- Rewind engine or of a different type from the original* - 3 points
- Modified chassis (welding or lightening processes) - 4 points
- Scratch (parts of different brands or self-built) - 8 points
- Modern Guide (Parma, jet flag, or similar) - 3 points

* With regards to "type of engine" it must be understood all motors with closed can in 1/32 (88, 100, 110, D16, etc.)

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I'm attending for the 3th time and this is my 1/32 entry. It's almost ready.

1/32 Monogram Hot Rod lovely painted by master builder Jairus. Completely original, only changes made are the addition of plug wires, zoomy headers and the funky shift lever. I've got handmade moondisks for this car. Turned down aluminium and then polished. They shine like chrome

My 1/24 car will be a Monogram Lotus 38.
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oooh, you'll be taking that home in a bag Chris

Has it still got the original upside down Monogram chassis?
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I know Phil... But I'm trying hard not to think about that

It has the original chassis with the guide behind the front wheels. I haven't tested the car yet and I'm not sure if I will do that
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I don't know about the Turin meeting, that car could attend any meeting for me.

It looks the business, performance isn't everything. but it's sure not easy to lose and still look good in this world.

But whatever happens I'll bet every other entrant would love to own this. Absolutely superb!

Green with envy

QUOTE It has the original chassis with the guide behind the front wheels. I haven't tested the car yet and I'm not sure if I will do that

Maybe best to leave that dissapointment till race day!

I did consider one of these a few weeks ago when I got an original car in stock that I then restored, I tried to wangle one of the better Monogram chassis into it but it just wouldn't go

anyway here's the car, this is how they look when original,

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NICE work but the rules this year state you have to do it yourself Chris

or if they don't they should do you lazy sod

Now, where is Pits phone number?
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Good idea Alan!
Or at least you get extra points if you diy.

I dunno, these rich kids stealing all our cups
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Here's my 1/32 car:

My 1/24 is still a pile of components waiting to be sorted.


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Who are you calling rich!

Brad "the kid (at least compared to all you other old geezers)" Blohm
It looks like you will have no troubles with me on the track this time

Thanks for the support Brad
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Well it's easy to sort these rich kids out, we diyers can just reflect our bitterness in our concours voting
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Political voting in slot racing, unheard of.

Surely not.


Hey John,

I hope to know soon if I'll be able to make Torino AND Bordeaux next year. I just CAN'T miss out on watching you "finish" your cars in Ezio's garage, and the feeding of our "beer monsters"!

Brad "the liver is evil and must be punished" Blohm
Hi Brad,

As you know I have the boss on my side when re-building motors, well at least a direct hotline.

Actually I have a new concept in finding reliability. I'm trying to get cars built in time to get a few laps on them before loading up the bike.

I still like to let the beer monster out to play occasionally. The trouble is that when I tell him he has to behave, he does..... badly.

Chris, maybe we can play nicely in 1/24.


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Are you going to sleep on the couch again? We heard you snoring all night.
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Hey cbr, the Turin Vintage Meeting Commission just changed the rules:

Addendum 2009: Paint jobs done by others than the owner of the car are being excluded from the Meeting!

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I also have this one, from Revell in 1/24, but why do I get the feeling that this will turn into a Mono vs. Mono race, especially in 1/24?


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QUOTE why do I get the feeling that this will turn into a Mono vs. Mono race, especially in 1/24?

I wouldn't be so sure of that Don, at the moment I have Revell cars planned for both scales and I am expecting them to run well
especially the 1/24 car.
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