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This sort of thing...

This weeks Guest Star - Charlie Gooding (and son John), winner of more BSCRA Nationals then you've had hot dinners.

Bit of a crashfest this week due to erratic grip levels, possibly caused by recent damp weather. Anyway after the dust had settled, Eddie Grice (gasowder) was the winner mainly due to the accidents all happening elsewhere and Eddie's quick pace and refusal to play the game by falling off like everyone else was.

Scores On The Doors

120.20 - Eddie Grice
114.78 - Charlie Gooding
110.62 - Mark Johnstone
109.53 - Sandy Parker
108.50 - Robbie Davies
107.15 - Ralph Parker
106.25 - Dave Beeching
80.75 - John Gooding

Next week is the second week of F1s.


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A curious night last night, aswell as the absentees,due to the dreaded lurgy, working and generally AWOL , several regulars were in attendance but chose not to race, prefering to marshall/`spectate and draw attention to my usual abysmal performance . Nice to see Eddie going so well although there were shocked gasps of horror and much clutching of supports when, against all the laws of man and Oaklands , he was marshalled first! Is nothing sacred? I did apologise to all present but was met with glares and stony silence.

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Didn't notice the lack of grip but then again don't like high grip conditions.
Oops thats done it, they will be out with the spray goop before next Wednesday

Possibly the freshly cut BSP tyres with the low factor suncream treatment helped

Thanks for the card Robbie staff, where were the mince pies & sherry?


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Every ( deleted) year the( deleted) Oaklands catering(deleted) staff provide ) deleted) hot (definitely deleted) mince pies for you ungratefull
, and what happens? ......I,ll tell you what
happens !..... NO ONE ( deleted ) EATS THEM..... THATS
WHAT HAPPENS ! so this
year I saved the club the cost of the paper napkins and broken bone china ( we have standards at Oaklands, theyre very low but standards non the) less) and chucked the
lot in the
bin on the way to the club. And if you
lot think I,m going to bring alcohol into the already unstable riot we call clubnight then you,re very much mistaken . The very idea!
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