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21st Vintage Meeting Torino

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This years Torino Vintage meeting will take place on the above dates.
Only real difference this year is that it will not be held in Turin! but at the club in Roncole Verdi nr. Parma. (where the Sports/THingie race was held this last October)
Personally I am not so sure about this, while the 8 lane track is very fast and impressive I am not so sure it is entirely suitable for these kind of cars.
But I guess I'll still be there.
(but not 100%)

1-2 ND May 2010

Turin's Vintage Slot Meeting is the most classical and well-known appointment in the vintage slot world. In fact the 2010 edition of the meeting will be the 21st (it starts in 1978).
The swapmeet will take place on Saturday (10.00 am - 7.00 p.m.) and Sunday morning.
Tables and participation are free of charge and according to tradition the market take place before the meeting.
This year's theme will be:
FERRARI - FORD Duel for both 1/32 and 1/24 scales (no single seat)
The Meeting is divided in two parts:
The Concours (with the score determined by selected judges) and the Race. Results in Concours will be higher (60% of the total) respect to the Race.

The spirit of this 21th Vintage Meeting is to gather the most exact and accurate copies of the originals slot cars in 1/24 and 1/32 scale. The scratchbuilt models may take part but will suffer a penalty.


1- The presented models will have to be the exact reproductions of model cars built before 31.12.1972.
2- Each competitor is allowed to entry one single model for each category (1:24 and 1:32).
3- In order to enter the event, each competitor will have to show his models on Saturday from 5:00 pm or on Sunday before 9:30. The entry fee is 20 Euro per driver.
4- The score of each model for the Concours will be determined by the sum of the scores of a jury composed by a representative of each Nation + one from the organizer Club (ECA).
5-The score will range from 1 to 20. The result of the Concours will come from the sum of all valid votes.
6-The Contest score will be the following: the 1st 40 points, the 2nd 32 points, the 3rd 28, the 4th 26, the 5th 24, the
6th 22, the 7th 20, the 8th 18, the 9th 16, etc. up to the 16th who will get 2 points. From the 17th onwards 1 point.
7- After the Concours, the 1:24 and 1:32 races will take place in 3 minutes heats.
8- The Management will arrange the composition of the heats according to the performance of the models.
9- The final results of the race will get a minor score of the Contest. That is: the 1st 25 points, the 2nd 20 points, the
3rd 17, the 4th 15, the 5th 14, the 6th 13, and so on.
10- The sum of the two different results (Concours and Race), after deducting any possible penalty, will declare the
winner of the Meeting.
11- A Technical Commission will be created with 3 drivers to discuss and solve any type of problems which should


A. The spirit of the meeting consist in having the most faithful models as possible to the originals, with chassis, body and type of engine* of the same brand. Therefore also the models which do not meet the adequate requirements will be allowed to participate but will have to have deducted some penalty points from the total of the final points.
B. All tyres will have to be black. The use of repro tyres is allowed. It is forbidden the use of mou, both on the tyres and on the track.
C. Any kind of magnet on the chassis is forbidden. Models with open motor and central magnet, will have 3 mm ground clearance under the motor. It is allowed to weight the model only with lead fixed inside the model and in any case not visible from outside.
D. It is allowed to lower the body by modifying the fastenings so to make the model look more realistic. The body of the model will not be allowed to be cut or filed. It is allowed only to add parts and not to remove them. Added parts cannot be modern photoetch.
E. Maximum width allowed: 1/32 62 mm 1/24 75 mm
F. Chassis with angle winder motor mount are forbidden.
G. The foreseen penalties are the following:
- Chassis / body of different brands - 5 points
- Vacuum form body (even when original) - 2 points
Sponge tyres - 4 points
- Rewinded engine or of a different type from the original* - 3 points
- Modified chassis (welding or lightening processes) - 4 points
- Scratch (parts of different brands or self-built) - 8 points
- Modern Guide (Parma, jet flag, or similar) - 3 points

* With regards to "type of engine" it must be understood X88, D16, D26, D36 etc.
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Wow, I can't wait to see pictures of the entrants. Ferrari vs. Ford, huh? Should be awesome!

Hi guys

It's the weekend before the Mini Mille Miglia 2010 near Perugia, if anyone wants to extend their stay?

Plus the Mille Miglia is also on from 5-9 May, on Friday 7th it passes through Assisi, close to Perugia.

I'm going to to the Mini Mille Miglia, but I will see if I can make it to Parma as well, although I think it's a bit of a long shot.

I had sort of hoped the entry would be open to Ford engined cars too such as Lotus 23, 30 or 40. The list of eligible cars seems to preclude that.

I'm looking forward to it as I didn't get to Parma this year and it'ds always interesting to explore somwhere new. It'll be great to give one of my bikes a decent spin especially in view of the way winter seems to be shaping up.


Hello everybody,

is first time for me on this Forum. Hope to keep alive the Turin stuff voices here ...

We consider our meeting a revival of the Ferrari vs Ford duels. I think everybody has the list of the slot car models eligible BUT we agree to add Lotuses 30 and 40 considering close relationship between Lotus and Ford.
We'll update the list with these cars too.

Please add any other comments or request about our meeting (just a little bit different this year ...).

Hi Franco
Welcome to the forum.
Just one question, apart from scratch builds are only the model manufacturers listed eligible?
The reason i ask is that i have a 1/32 kit from a UK manufacturer which does not appear on the list, don't want to turn up and find the car in not eligible!

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That's probably because they don't know of the manufacturer (Riko by any chance?). Normally, any commercially manufactured car is eligible, but remember that there's a 3 point penalty for vac-form bodies...

Hi Don
Happy new year!

Possibly a Riko!
will you be going?
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Hi John,

No problem for Riko models. They are eligible for us. They used also GT Model bodies if I remember well. Which kind of body you have ?
If you model come from a different brand please let us know something more.

Hi Franco
It's a Riko super kit with the Ford Mirage M1 body, however as far as i know the bodies supplied with the kits were by Taylormade [Howard Taylor] not GT Models.
Hello Franco,

Welcome to the forum. I still have very fond memories of racing with you at the Roncole Verdi track. I got you by half a lap in the sports race, but you got me by half a lap in the Thingie race, and I know we swapped back and forth through both races. Great fun!!!

I hope to make this race, but coming over in late-March for Slotmania in Stuttgart, and again in early June for the race in Bordeaux, makes this very difficult. In case anyone is wondering if it is worth $1000 to fly over and spend a long weekend playing, er, I mean racing slot cars, eating parmasan and culatelo, drinking lambrusco, and especially now that we know about the German-themed bar in Soragna (yes, weisse beer on draft in Italy!), uh, it sounds better every time I think about it!

Brad "I sure hope I get a bonus this year as my slot car trips are getting expensive!" Blohm
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QUOTE German-themed bar

Since when would a bar that's called the 'Oliver Twist Pub' be German themed?!
I think you must have had one too many Heifes Brad

As to what is eligible in Turin, the list is just a guide to Ferraris and Fords that were made by the slot car manufacturers and is not a list of the only cars allowed to enter.

The rules actually allow you to use anything even up to a fully scratch built car if you wish, but you will have points deducted, as follows:-

G. The foreseen penalties are the following:
Chassis / body of different brands - 5 points
Vacuum form body (even when original) - 2 points
Sponge tyres - 4 points
Rewinded engine or of a different type from the original* - 3 points
Modified chassis (welding or lightening processes) - 4 points
Scratch (parts of different brands or self-built) - 8 points
Modern Guide (Parma, jet flag, or similar) - 3 points
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QUOTE (franco daudo @ 1 Jan 2010, 12:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>BUT we agree to add Lotuses 30 and 40
Hi Franco,
So that lets in my Russkit Lotus 40 then, thats made life a lot easier as I have a number of eligible 1/32 cars but was struggling to find a 1/24.
Cheers, Eddie
Hi Eddie,

well done. Russkit Lotus 40 is a winner on the Roncole fast track.

Cheers, Franco
Hi gents,

I'm showing this pic on Franco's behalf:

Body is a Cobra, motor is a Riko, what is the chassis?


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Buon Anno Mr King

Hope you had a good one.
That is a Riko adjustable chassis, its missing few things like the motor brackets, guide/collar and the front split axle but Mr Smith should have plenty of these spare.
The Rikochet motor is also correct as is the cobra body which looks to be Taylormade, however the wheels look a little wider than they should be.
These kits started many UK slot racing careers back in the late 60's, they were cheap and performed quite well on the smaller club tracks.
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Thanks John for information (and Edo for posting my shot).
I've nearly all the parts missed in the image. May be a good start for Turin meeting in 1/32 class.
From the Bordeaux topic:

QUOTE John if you came on bike, I promise a visit to a collectionist with very interesting vintage racing bikes ...

Hi Franco,

Jenny and I will both be on our bikes so it will be great to have a look at this collection.

Do you have any links to hotels near the track?

QUOTE That is a Riko adjustable chassis

We used to run these as a club class on our school track.


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Hi John,

for the hotel you can refer to the "Locanda del Lupo" at

Special price for participants is 50 Euro for the single and 90 Euros for the double room (incl. breakfast). When you book please state you came for the Meeting to have the special rate.

In the same place we'll have sat dinner, but its organization will follow closer to the date.


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