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226 foot 4 lane

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Got the track up to 226 feet in length. Still sits on a little more than five
4' by 8' tables and takes up only 168 square feet of floor-space. Added
27 feet of track. Mostly straights. Lap record is 14.310 sec.

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Those few of us who have known Rev for some time also know that he runs some extremely eXtreme machinery on that extremely eXtreme track of his!
Right Rev?

How about showing the new board one or two of your mighty mag-monsters to give an idea how it is done and also maybe, for comparison, some lap times from more 'normal' machinery to put them into context?
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"Stopped keeping track years ago" !!!!!!!

A lot of dosh, that is.
Interesting to guess that the host gets the one and only Professor Motor controller!

Er . . . off-topic but a good question (I think)
Does anyone know what 'double-barrel wet-wound' means?
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