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Tonight was 1/24 Production Handicap racing. 2 person heats using the tracks red and yellow lanes. 2 minute finals.

After some impressive scores during the heats by John and Paul the handicaps were selected as John +0, Paul +0, Tim +2, Fleetwood +3 and Lee +4.

D Final-
With myself having only a 1 lap advantage over Fleetwood I knew it would be tough to keep the younger but more experienced racer behind me. Both of us went off at a quick pace but only few laps in I made couple of errors which ment that lap advantage soon disappeared. But to my surprise in the last lap Fleetwood crashed 3 times which ment I could get that lap back and as the power cut I won with a score of 19.53 too Fleetwood's 18.72.

C Final-
Against a ultra quick Tim even with a 2 lap advantage I knew that I would have to race like a stole it. Unfortunately I threw it away with 4 offs at the same bend and that advantage soon disappeared. Tim showed some great pace and end the end of time he put in a impressive 19.70 to my 16.27.

B Final-
Tim taking the hop up was full of confidence with a 2 lap handicap advantage over Paul. Paul set off at a great pace but Tim was able to match him. Putting pressure on Paul who knew he needed to start making head way into that 2 lap disadvantage. But while pushing so hard mistakes cost him and Tim could stay with him. Finish results were Tim 20.20 to Paul's 18.82.

A Final-
John had impressed in the heats so Tim so thought he had to be on top form. As they got away John made some unusual mistakes which allowed Tim on top form to blast away for a easy victory of a score 21.27 to 18.99.

Next week Falcon F1. Come and give it a go club cars and controls available.

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