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23th International Vintage meeting, 5-6 May 2012

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5-6 May 2012

Turin's Vintage Slot Meeting is the most classical and well-known appointment in the vintage slot world. In fact the 2012 edition of the meeting will be the 23th edition (it starts in 1978). For the 3rd year in a row, the meeting is held in Roncole Verdi on a Carrera 6 lanes track
The swapmeet will take place on Saturday (10.00 am - 7.00 p.m.) and Sunday morning.
Tables and participation are free of charge and according to tradition the market take place before the meeting.

This year's theme will be:


The Meeting is divided in two parts:
The Concours (with the score determined by selected judges) and the Race. Results in Concours will be higher (60% of the total) in respect to the Race.

The spirit of this 23nd Vintage Meeting is to gather the most exact and accurate copies of the originals slot cars in 1/24 and 1/32 scale. The scratchbuilt models may take part but will suffer a penalty.


1- The presented models will have to be the exact reproductions of model cars built before 31.12.1972.
2- Each competitor is allowed to entry one single model for each category (1:24 and 1:32).
3- In order to enter the event, each competitor will have to show his models on Saturday from 5:00 pm or on Sunday before 9:30. The entry fee is 20 Euro per driver.
4- The score of each model for the Concours will be determined by the sum of the scores of a jury composed by a representative of each Nation + one from the organizer Club (ECA).
5- The judges must assign a score from 1 to 5 for each of Originality of the slot model car, Accuracy of the replica of the real car, Rarity of the slot model car, Overall Look. Total score for each model will be included between 4 and 20 points.
6-The Contest score will be the following: the 1st 60 points, the 2nd 48 points, the 3rd 42, the 4th 40, the 5th 38, the 6th 36, the 7th 34, the 8th 32, the 9th 30, etc. up to the 23rd who will get 2 points. From the 24th onwards 1 point.
7- After the Concours, the 1:24 and 1:32 races will take place in 3 minutes heats.
8- The Management will arrange the composition of the heats according to the performance of the models.
9- The final results of the race will get a minor score of the Contest. That is: the 1st 40 points, the 2nd 33 points, the 3rd 27, the 4th 24, the 5th 21, the 6th 19, and so on.
10- The sum of the two different results (Concours and Race), after deducting any possible penalty, will declare the winner of the Meeting.
11- A Technical Commission will be created with 3 drivers to discuss and solve any type of problems which should arise.
12- The competitors should entry the model with a photographic documentation (max 2 shots) of the real car.


A. The spirit of the meeting consist in having the most faithful models as possible to the originals, with chassis, body and type of engine* of the same brand. Therefore also the models which do not meet the adequate requirements will be allowed to participate but will have to have deducted some penalty points from the total of the final points.
B. All tyres will have to be black. The use of repro tyres is allowed. It is forbidden the use of mou, both on the tyres and on the track.
C. Any kind of magnet on the chassis is forbidden. Models with open motor and central magnet, will have 3 mm ground clearance under the motor. It is allowed to weight the model only with lead fixed inside the model and in any case not visible from outside.
D. It is allowed to lower the body by modifying the fastenings so to make the model look more realistic. The body of the model will not be allowed to be cut or filed. It is allowed only to add parts and not to remove them. Added parts cannot be modern photoetch. Body must be fixed to the chassis. Tilting body are not permitted.
E. Maximum width allowed: 1/32 62 mm & 1/24 75 mm
F. Chassis with angle winder motor mount are forbidden.
G. The foreseen penalties are the following:
- Chassis / body of different brands (slot provided) - 3 points
- Vacuum form body (even when original) - 1 point
- Sponge tyres - 2 points
- Rewinded engine or of a different type from the original* - 3 points
- Scratch (parts of different brands or self-built) - 6 points

* With regards to "type of engine" it must be understood X88, D16, D26, D36 etc.

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23th Vintage Meeting results

For now, be satisfied with drivers.....

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Well done Phil - first time win?? Very well done!!
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No second win in Turin, I won the 1/32 event in 2006 as well.
1/32nd winner Phil Smith...

...and his Super Shells Ferrari 158 F.1 (concours winner)

Parc Fermè


Swap meeting

1/24th final race

1/32nd race

arrivederci a Bordò

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Congratulations to the winners (and other entrants). I miss this event... one day I'll be back!
Hi guys,

Have you decided what the theme will be next year ?

I'm hoping to come if I have suitable cars.


Busy planning my trips next year so date and theme would be great. GeraldL
Thank you all for your interest to our next Vintage meeting.
The date will probably be the first weekend of May 2014.
About the theme, there is currently a referendum among the drivers. The choice is between:
- F.1
- Monza 1000 Km
- 24 hour Le Mans
- Racing USA

Referendum ends October 12, 2013, on occasion of our traditional thingies Meeting.

In a month I will communicate final date and theme.

Vote you too with reply to this topic.

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Thank you Franco, my vote is for Monza 1000 km. it would be an appropriate class to race in Italy. I'm sure I can sort out a couple of cars.


There's a voting page on Facebook, John
Go here to vote.

I voted for F1, I love open wheel cars, more detailing to do

Won't be able to make the Thingie race Franco
, but certainly will be back for next year at Roncole Verdi
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Thanks Phil, I've voted.


We decided: theme of 25th Vintage Meeting will be "1000 km. Monza" and the date will be 3rd e 4th May 2014 in Roncole Verdi, near Parma.
Is that a location between Parma and Cremona? Could we have updated rules ASAP please. GeraldL
Yes Geraldt, location is between Parma and Cremona. Roncole Verdi is a very, very little town where was born Giuseppe Verdi. Rules will be very similar to those published in first page of this post. Cars must be original, built until 1972. Repro tires and repro bodies are allowed.
The final rules, will be published by December.
I am getting excited already as it's part of Italy I know well from my time in Mantova. Easyjet flights from Bordeaux to Milan and train to the nearby town of Busseto. Just hope the Revell GTO's will be eligible in both scales, I assume the date cut-off for prototypes is also 1972.
Of course, the Ferrari GTO Revell is eligible, along with all the cars that raced the 1000 km of Monza until 1972.
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