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24hr Endurance Spanish Championship:

The dates for running the 24 hour Endurance of the Spanish Championship are:

17th, 18th and 19th of October 2003 in IGUALADA (Barcelona).

The categories held in parallel will be:


1/24 Plafit Le Mans Series.

The tracks assembled for the event are:

-32 laneNINCO track divided in 4 symetrical circuits of 8 lanes each.

-12 lane CONCEPT wooden track divided in 2 circuits of 8 and 4 lines each.

This event is alot bigger than it appears !


Speed 1/32: 4 NINCO tacks of 8 lanes each and 1 CARRERA track of 6 lanes.

Touring cars

Formula 1



Magnetic cars (junior included)

Le Mans Series GT-GTS (junior included)

Le Mans Series GT1-GTP-LMP


Speed 1/24 : 2 wooden CONCEPT tracks.

Parma 16D Nascar

Parma Super 16D GTP

PLAFIT Classic

PLAFIT GT3-Modena Challenge

PLAFIT Le Mans Series

Endurance: 32 lanes for 1/32 and 12 lanes for 1/24 (held the days 17, 18 and 19 of October)

24h 1/32 PORSCHE 956 SLOT.IT Fee: 120 € This will include a pack of 1 car and 4 kits (only body and chassis) motors and tyres.

Foreign teams will enter directly to the final race(wild cars).

More info at [email protected]

24h 1/24 PLAFIT Le Mans Series


Free Dragsters category

Parma Dragter 16D "The Edge"

Rally-Slot 1/32 (12 circuit sections)

Group. N (Junior included and Ladies)

Group JWRC

Group Super K

Group A

Group WRC

Rally Scalextric (SCX) 1/32 (4 circuit sections)

Group N (with magnets)

Rally-Slot 1/24 (4 circuit sections)

Group N 2WD Classic

Group A 4WD MRRC-Clubman

Group WRC 4WD and 2WD

International hill climb 1/32 (1 circuit)

Group N Classics before 1982

Group N

Classic prototypes


Few days before the Endurance Event we will publish the layout of the circuit so people will get an idea of it.

The rest of the categories will run on -

7, 8 and 9 of November 2003.


Detailed Information and Regulations:

Regulations are in Spanish only at the moment - but soon they will be translated into English.

For general information - GSR Magazine online.

This Event is also in the Calendar.

Thanks to GSR Magazine for the Information.

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QUOTE 32 lane NINCO track divided in 4 symetrical circuits of 8 lanes each

It's a bit like being a bi-plane pilot and suddenly being buzzed by a Tomcat. Not sure my frame of reference is capable of taking it all in.

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