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First of all thanks to those guys that made the race possible!!! The organisation was really great!!!!!
For those of you that do not want to read a lot here is the link to the page with the first pictures of all the teams and the cars on:

To make the story short we became 10th out of 16 teams after 24 hours. We had to fight all the 24 hours with the car which was not easy to handle, but that was something all teans had more or less in common. The track was a Scalextric track with Scalextric cars (MG Lola or Cadillac) with P2 tires. A modification of the rear axel and the rims was allowed (both from

The combination of those tires and the track was quite a slippery solution, but equal for all. Actually it was 2 tracks with the same layout (8lanes each track) and you had to race each lane on each track once. The tracks came together in the middle where they formed a long straightway with 16 lanes!!!!!!!!!!!

Our hardest fight on the track came up in the LAST hour when the team Radio Contact was closing in and overtook us by 9 laps. As we did not want to surrander we went up to the and betted with them who would pay the first beer for the other team. At that time all positions of the other teams were already steady and the only ones that still had to fight was us and Team Radio Contact!!!

If you have more questions just keep asking!!!



We got the beer after one of the hardest fights (but not unfair!!!) that I have seen on a slottrack, by half a lap!!!!!!
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