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QUOTE (Nico @ 29 Jun 2004, 19:52)...Yes, a few rear-end shunts, but they were all given a penalty (the cars that come from behind). They had to do a stop-and-go penalty on one of the outer lanes and that costs time. Changing to the outer lane, stop-and-go and than back to the inner line again.
One question about Davic and Pit-lane:
Imagine a lane dedicated to pit-lane, just like the real one. Should not be very difficult to decrease voltage on this lane to drive slowly. Is this system used on digital races? Perhaps that would be even more realistic than a stop-and-go. Just an idea.

And another about digital 24h races shown on the Neuvic web page:
What does "Madrid (E)" mean? Is there any plan to race digital in Madrid?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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