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Dare I say it, What do we race this week.

The outstanding Porsche night (I have the club cars) or Ford GT/Open GT ?

The CHOICE is yours!

We are likely to be low on numbers for the next few weeks as Kev & Simon are unable to make it.

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Just for dave we'll do Ninco Alfa touring cars

Joking apart I suggest doing Ford GT/Open GT this week then the Porsche night the following week for DOUBLE points.

More importantly who's racing?


I can only think of another 6 that are likely to turn up so looking like 8 max

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Turn out for what was going to be a light week was incredible - no Simon Rusty_spring01, no Kev, no Syd

Nick Invicta back on form
Elliott was fast
Porsche Martin was shown the way home by his son:
Tom was very competitive
Riko was lucky to get a GT win as his daughter was destroying his cars
Isla White ran real cars no magnets and was consistently not last!
Mick Hobden suffered car failures that ruined his night but ran at the front of his races
Gary Hobden was first away at the lights and fought every race
AlfaDave made it for some tight driving
Mike made a welcome return from his travels and returned to his sorely missed commentary role
Ash Penfold ran a Ford GT that was 25% quicker than any other, any faster and it would have set light to the track - what a scorcher!
Rob Golders missed some laps so wrecked his race, but raced at the front in all heats.

Manic fast paced racing with loads of marshalls and plenty of fun for all!

I've got some major rebuilding to do... Big thanks to Porsche Martin for helping with an eyelet when Isla took out my race car..
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