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Sorry guys, I'll be away this Friday. Should be there next week but hung over after a late do in town on Thurs night.

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all being well ill be there this friday subject to the m25 being kind to me got the svga cables for extra projector ??
if its cancelled can someone let me know by text thanks dave

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Who have we got then?

Nick yes
Elliot yes
Ash yes
Rob yes
Martin yes
Syd/Kevin/Simon are normally there
AlfaDave should be
Mike should be if he's still around?

Riko no
Gary no
Mick no

I'll check with Hoff but I think we've got enough this week

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Ford GT

1st Nick 135.11
2nd Rob 131.21
3rd Ashley Vettel 130.37
4th Martin 129.09
5th Elliot 128.90
6th Syd 128.58
7th Mike 125.80
8th Dave 112.95
9th Kevin 82.16

Open GT

1st Elliot 138.86
2nd Martin 136.67
3rd Kevin 130.84
4th Nick 127.33
5th Syd 126.43
6th Ashley Vettel 125.48
7th Mike 120.20
8th Dave 104.14
9th Rob 87.99
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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