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Falcon F1 with Handicap Finals (2 minute heats and finals)

During the heats was some very close scores but the stand out score was by John with a 17.64. So at the conclusion of the heats the handicaps for the finals stood at-
John +0
Paul +1
Tim +1
Ryno +2
Fleetwood +2
Julian +3
Myself +3

Paul decided to sit out the finals due to tyre issues with his car.

E Final
With both myself and Julian having a +3 handicap score ment it was a straight fight to the flag. Both of us got away and stayed together for the opening few laps. I managed to pull an advantage but then a shocking 3 errors in 1 lap ment I lost my rythum so Julian soon came round and lapped me. At the end of the 2 minutes my score with handicap was 16.86 to Julians 18.27.

D Final
Julian in his debut at Ipswich Slot Car Club was able to go into the final with a 1 lap advantage to Fleetwood. Both drivers set off at a very steady pace. Fleetwood managed to pull back that lap disadvantage late in the final so as the power cut it came down to the tenths for the victory with Julian on a 18.49 and Fleetwood a 18.62.

C Final
Fleetwood taking the step up had a level handicap with Ryno so again would be a straight fight. Fleetwood set off at a superb pace pulling a massive advantage of a lap and a half. Then a couple of offs gave Ryno a sniff of a chance but then made errors of his own. When the track power was cut Fleetwood won with a brilliant score of 18.09 to Ryno's 15.98.

B Final
Fleetwood in his second step up came up against his Dad, Tim. With only a lap difference Fleetwood had to drive a mature race to stay ahead for not only the glory of getting into the A final but also family pride. Tim pushed hard but probably one of Fleetwood's best drives he stayed with Tim and at the end the win with a score of 18.77 to Tim's 18.20.

A Final
Fleetwood progessing into the A final all the way from the D final came up against a on form John. John straight away got into his rythum and chanced down Fleetwood had to try and get back that 2 lap disadvantage. Soon Fleetwood got into a steady pace and kept a good gap and secured the win scoring 19.61 to John's 18.18.

Again next week we will be running Falcon F1, please come along!!!!
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