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My first attempt at building a racetrack was going quite well at the time, unfortunately due to an unforeseen accident..I had to dismantle the old London Raceway Park, which in a way was a good thing since as a newbie I made a few mistakes in planning, etc which caused more frustration then anything else. The origional was L shaped which at the time looked great, but wasn't very forgiving in terms of driving, as you lost sight of your car when racing against someone else. So I dismantled the whole thing and started again, making sure I had a good line of sight for the drivers. Track walls are made from 1/8" vinyl tile cut into 1" strips. Buildings are boxes cut and painted to suit. Ground cover is green sawdust from the particle board we use for subfloors at work. Road stripes are done with 1/8th pinstripping for automobiles and hills are layered beaded styrofoam. Many more pics will follow these ones:

Start/Finish line and pit area

Front Straight

Pitroad, Castrol building, and garages...the only 2 of the 20 buildings to survive the accident
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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