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Hi All

Further to the success of our first quaterly endurance event we are setting the wheels in motion for our second one!

The provisional dates we have chosen are Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th August as these are exactly 3 months from the last of the first event. What would you all prefer? Saturday or Sunday evening or Sunday morning as per the last one? Personally, I think the last one worked fine but we are of course open to any ideas you may have.

Cars - As most of you know the club is planning to buy either Slot.It Ferrari 312 tb or F40 kits (or similar), these will be used for future endurance events and built and tuned by Paul to keep them all equal and painted up to match the lane colours by me (dont worry, they wont be pink!

Teams - I think the teams were pretty equal last time so we would like to keep them pretty much the same if possible. Each team will have their equal amount of time on each lane with that lanes car keep things all equal and leaving it all down to driver skill

Time - Half hour practice prior to the race and a 4 hour race (1 hour each lane) seemed to work well as did the 15 minuet stints per driver so we are inclined to stick to that.

Entry will be £5 per participant.

Food and refreshments will be provided on the day, probably Greggs or similar.

Please give your thoughts and feeling on the above and any ideas you have to make it better (i.e. longer or shorter driver stints, more practice time etc etc.) Also, please let us know if this date is not suitable, it is early days and we are happy to move it to accomadate you where possible.

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