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This Thursday 27th June will be the 2nd Special night of the year.

Due to the event being so close to the 1:1 LeMans weekend we will have a 2-man mini endurance based around the usual pairing system of highest score in the championship teaming up with the lowest score etc.

As they have given us some great, close racing we will be using the Hornby 90s GT cars that we have just finished running, so bring your cars along and we will sort them into a set that can remain on the lanes for the entire event.

· Jim Moyes
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Six racers turned up for this, so three pairs were quickly sorted using the current yearly championship standings.

Jim/Trigger (JT)

Reuben/Tim (RT)

Will/Wes (WW)

We decided to run blue, green and red lanes for half hour stints using Hornby Porsche 911GT1s supplied by Reuben and Tim.

Driver changes were at teams own discretion but most were done roughly around the 15 minute mark.

First stint saw JT on blue, RT on green and WW on red.

This turned out to be the closest session of the evening. It became obvious that the blue car was the class of the field - having been breathed on by Peter. This meant Trigger struggled to keep it in the slot and JT were soon dropping back in the lap chart. Will and Reuben were having a good, close battle at the front with Reuben just edging ahead to give RT a slight advantage as driver changes started to happen. Wes then managed to catch and pass Tim in the second half and even Jim made use of having the best car to claw back some laps to scrape into second place. And possibly some slight psychological tactics were used!

After half an hours running the three teams were only separated by one and a half laps;

WW 157.7 (Best lap - 10.971 by Wes)

JT 157.4 (Best lap - 10.373 by Jim)

RT 156.2 (Best lap - 11.011 by Reuben)

Second session with WW on blue, JT on green & RT on red. With some endurance driving tips from Jim and the advantage of being in the stable and predictable green car, Trigger was soon leading and despite Will finally getting to grips with the quick blue car to pass him he held on to be in second place as driver changes started. I only counted three offs from Trigger in the 15 minutes he drove and they were towards the end of his stint. Wes then got hold of the blue car and after being caught out by it a couple of times in his first few laps, made good use of it to put some distance between WW and the others. Tim struggled a bit with his own car and RT were now dropping back a bit.

As usual in these events, the more sessions happen the higher the lap count and the lower the lap times become. After the second 30 minutes the lap counts were.

WW 167.4 (Best lap - 10.32 by Wes)

JT 164 (Best lap - 10.45 by Jim)

RT 156.6 (Best lap - 10.93 by Reuben)

So at the break after an hour the leader board showed

WW - 325.1

JT - 321.4

RT - 312.8

Into the final session with RT on blue, WW on green & JT on red

Reuben had it all to do but was in the best car so went for it. This meant fastest lap of the day, but also quite a few offs and Wes coached Will to play a Wambulance game and keep the steady lap count climbing. By the time drivers started changing, the result was pretty much confirmed unless there was a mechanical failure of some kind to mix up the results........

There wasn't!

So Jim made use of the 8 lap lead over RT to defend second place and Wes kept his nose clean in the green car and with Tim getting regularly caught out by the speed of the blue car in his efforts to catch up the honours went to Wes and Will.

Final session lap count was;

WW 166.5 (Best lap - 10.53 by Wes)

RT 162.2 (Best lap - 10.315 by Reuben)

JT 160.2 (Best lap - 10.712 by Jim)

Final totals were;

WW 491.6

JT 481.6

RT 475

Fastest laps ;

Blue - Reuben 10.315

Green - Jim 10.45

Red - Jim 10.712

The cars did not give a single problem in an hour and a half of constant racing. Thanks to Reuben and Tim for supplying them.

Well done to Will and Wes for the faultless performance and deserved win.
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