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The 512s 'shorttail' versions are the very best classic cars out of the box. My old Fly C4 beats all classic necomers including the Scalex GT40. Great acceleration and control and the 'screaming' brakes/gears are a hoot. A really calm and stately drive with plenty of oomph when you need it.

Unfortunately, I really feel ill looking at the Coda Lunga extended versions. They remind me of upturned jelly moulds and flattened enemas

Don't you find that they slide too much, have too much rear-end overhang, have daft rear wings that are fixed on like a kid designed them and stuck them on with plasticine, and that the rear axles slop about like a drunk on a weekend binge session? What's more is that they all look the same with different numbers on...what's the point of making so many of them?!!!
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