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'37 Chevy Sedan - Pioneer Legends Whitekit

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This is my second Pioneer Legends Whitekit. The kit is the '37 Chevy Sedan. Again I went for a fantasy livery based on some old decals that I had left over from other projects (decals are from Patto's).

Putting the model together is straightforward after having done the Ford Coupe. Here I just want to show you the (correct) details of the Yamaha engine.

Wood Toy Hardwood Motor vehicle Wood stain

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood

For the livery I went for a metallic red and some momo-themed approach.

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Car

Here are some figures: the body weighs 20 gr (1.7 gr less than the Ford although the Chevy looks bigger); the chassis is 51 gr (without any ballast); and the overall package is 71.5gr (without digital chip).

Automotive lighting Font Machine Auto part Fashion accessory

Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle Gadget Audio equipment

Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Automotive tire Vehicle

Here is a video of the car on my SSD layout. In the video, my track is running in analog at 12v straight from a variable power supply and I am using my MB analog controller. The car is without any ballast (also the car does not have the chip installed). The only tuning work I did was to true the rear tyres and put some magic juice on them.


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here is the link.

That looks like it goes as well as the other one with the 21g of lead in it. Which goes better - with or without the lead.

hi David

good question! I have to say that I prefer the heavy ballasted version. It feels more planted.

But as you can see these little cars go very well without any ballast at all.
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