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Julius Wilkko
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I have a Roland LPX60 laser scanner, maximum piece can be: Rotary scanning Diameter 8 in. (203.2 mm), height 12 in.(304.8 mm)

Repeat accuracy ±0.1 mm (This figure reflects standard scanning conditions established by Roland DG.)

Roland LPX technical data

It may be that target car has to be painted or coloured by some other means white.

What would I benefit from this? Do you have capacity to process 3D images. With processing I mean removing possible scanning defects, generating surfaces and scaling. Do you have 3D models?

I have Rhino for 3D processing, but I am a total beginner with that area.



Joel LeNoir
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Thanks for your reply. I would be paying to have it all done. At least to get a prototype in my hands. From there silicone and resin will take over

May have the body carved by someone. Don't have the time or the skill.

Stil lNot sure which way I will be going.
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