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With the BMF Conti out of the way, now it is time to tackle this Oriental Beauty.
I got the decals from Milan (MTR32) a while back. To be honest, in some pics this livery looks rather simple...but looking at the pic below it is far from it.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

The model
As the title say, this is a build based on the Sideways latest kit.
Overall the dimensions look ok to me. Details wise, I think most of them are ok (looking at the vents and grills).
Missing are the running day lights (shaped as an half- arrow) as these are molded in the main body and no fog lights at all :mad:.
Also no safety hatch on the roof.
The front grill is passable: the top part is ok. The bottom part could have benefitted with some more details.
Painting wise, I think I am going to make a mess of this...but I also know that I am going to learn a lot in the process.

Tableware Hood Vehicle Wheel Motor vehicle

Weigh in
As a starting point, I checked the weight of the car: body only at 11 gr is not too bad.
White Light Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle

Adding all the accessories we get up to 18.15 gr. Note that this includes the right lightweight interior that I have already formed.
The roll cage looks nice. The only missing parts are the two bars behind the front windshield that most GT cars have in IMSA racing.

Hood Gas Electronic device Machine Measuring instrument

On a side note: the plastic used for this model is different from the one used for the conti.
This looks very glossy.

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Opening holes
As first business, I worked on adding the holes for the lights.
I want to have the two side fog lights and the central fog light at the centre of the front grill.
A close up from the sister car:

Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting Car Hood

And today I also got my new Proxxon drill that I won from the WWSCC ;-)
So what better excuse to start using it and open up some holes in the car.

First I marked with a piece of tape where the openings will be and traced the edges with a pencil.
Car Vehicle Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle

Then I drilled the holes using bits of different size and square them up using a sharp blade.
Automotive design Hood Engineering Machine Space

My idea is to press through the hole these LEDs (ignores the one bleeding...)

Wood Audio equipment Line Electronic instrument Font

And in these pics you can see how the look like:
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive design

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design

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More holes
Hey I love my Proxxon, so let's make more hole ;-)
As I mentioned I want to have the central fog light in the middle of the grill.
So, first I remove some plastic that is in the front the of the car behind where the grill piece will go.

Vehicle Hood Light Car Automotive design

Next, I drilled a row of holes through the grill, connected the holes with a blade and then squared it off.
Hood Rectangle Automotive tire Font Line

Test fit the LEDs I will use:
Road surface Black Asphalt Flooring Line

Tableware Dishware Textile Table Tablecloth

As a bonus I also put in the front anchor point for pulling the car:

Road surface Rectangle Yellow Line Font

Hood Grille Automotive lighting Cutting mat Automotive design

That's it for now.

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Off to a good start Gio. What wire do you use for your lighting? I have a hard time routing the wires after I get the lights in place. I've done silicone wiring, but it looks like you are using something else.


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hi Heath
The wires you see here are pre-soldered on the LEDs.
So I am not sure what they are.
If I have LEDs that are not pre-wired then I use a good multi core 36 AWG silicon wire.
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