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4 car power base master slave mod (version 6.0)

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Hi this is my first post but I've read the thread on how to mod two 4 car power bases together making a master and a slave, but when it came to opening the power bases up I found that the pcb configuration was different to the ones show in that thread and that on the board it said version 6.0. So does anyone know how to perform that mod on this version?
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No, the idea of master slave was frought with danger, it was just a makeshift solution until the SH board came out.
6-6 6-4 or 4-4 its all the same, it was about getting more Amps to stop car to car interaction. But when we had a high power solution that was bullet proof then this idea became obsolete as the flakey nature of master slave meant it was all to easy to end up with a dead pwerbase or two. The last version I did actually added in trip protection to the slave, but the risk was still quite real.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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