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just a simple question, but i don't think i've ever seen it answered on here... that said, i've not been on for a while so apologies if there's 10 similar questions on page 3

i want to build a 4 lane, digital track... an oval although that's not really relevant, using a 'new' 6 car powerbase.

here's the question; assuming that all the lanes are correctly connected, can i just have the powerbase on one pair of lanes and nothing on the other pair, considering that it'll just be me, my boy and occasionally some of our friends racing stock cars on it and banjoing* each other into the fence?

providing the 2 lanes without a powerbase are still 'live', the only problem i see is not being able to lapcount, which i don't need to do anyway? i'd also like to use the pace car function; again, any foreseeable problems with that ?

sorry if it's blindingly obvious - i'm a digital novice and i'd really appreciate some advice from one of the many digital gurus on here

thanks in advance

*possibly made up verb.

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Better than that - you can actually piggyback more sensors. You will need to research this on Slotforum because I don;t know the ins and outs but basically I believe you can use sensors from say an old PB OR the digital lapcounter, embedded in the two lanes and wired across to join the powerbase. There are already tracks in existence with three lane start straights so a 4 lane start straight is a simple extension of that principle.

Mind you Dave has a point - if you force a move down to 2 lanes then you avoid everybody racing around like it is an analogue track! The trick would be to make the 2 lanes by the powerbase on the worst racing line - this would encourage more use of lane changers and more racing carnage!!!

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For all information like this just go up to the root directory on Scalextric Sport Digital, there you will find a pinned thread called "really Useful Information" that has all these modification threads linked. It is actually one of my dummies guides, it works for C7042, I know as I did one for one member
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