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4 lane digital track

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so anyway, heres the thing.... i've got a 4 lane track and want to make two of the lanes into digital...

from reading the forums i gather that the changeover curves don't connect the power between lanes, so these will work with a standard sport power base allowing me to put them into the layout and still run it as a standard four lane when i want to... is this true?

all i need to do is change the power base in the layout depending on whether i want to run 4 lane standard or 2 lane digital?

how about a four lane digital!!!!! that would be crazy... anyone got any ideas about this
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QUOTE (randybrown @ 13 Dec 2004, 21:11)That is how I understand it to work with Scalextric's digital system. Just swap out the powerbase.That's also what I've been able to read in the few reviews I've seen.

The odd thing is - why didn't they put an option for analog racing in the digital power base? - it's just a bit of extra software!, and it would make migration from analog to digital so much easier?

Four lane digital racing is not a problem, seen from a control point of view. The only limitation I can see right now, is the lack of suitable lane change track pieces.

Scalextric only have a R2 curve lane change on the program. You could add fixed cross overs to the layout, as you are no longer limited to an even number of cross overs. An example could be a fixed straight cross over between the two center lanes (2/3) on a four lane circuit. The normal R2 lane changes could then be used between lane 1/2 and lane 3/4 elsewhere on the track.

QUOTE (darainbow @ 13 Dec 2004, 22:55)The LCs ALSO have common power so you need to swap them out too.
<{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looking at the pictures of a disassembled Scalextric lane change, it seems that the controller only takes power from one of the two slots (the red and black wire). I don't think that the two slots are shorted by the lane change.

Can someone with a digital set verify this?.

QUOTE (justmarty @ 13 Dec 2004, 23:09)so will one digital powerbase power all 4 lanes?With the Scalextric digital powerbase, you'll need to swap it physically with a standard power base.

With our homebuilt digital do-it-yourself powerbase, you'll need two bases to power four lanes. This solution will run both analog and digital mode without physically changing any track pieces.

QUOTE (zubi @ 14 Dec 2004, 07:38)ATTENTION: The LC does connect the power of the two slots; so YOU HAVE TO TAKE OUT LC for running analog !!!!!Thank's for clarifying this issue

... but what a bummer

I think I'll modify my lane changes with my own lane change driver anyway, so it's not a big problem for me

But it's an inconvenience none the less, for people that doesn't want to bother with track modifications.

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QUOTE ( @ 14 Dec 2004, 20:13)But is it easy to connect the wire again?
But why would you want to connect it?.

Even when running analog mode, it's better to have separate power on each slot, so that the drivers doesn't influence each other.

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