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4 lane digital track

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so anyway, heres the thing.... i've got a 4 lane track and want to make two of the lanes into digital...

from reading the forums i gather that the changeover curves don't connect the power between lanes, so these will work with a standard sport power base allowing me to put them into the layout and still run it as a standard four lane when i want to... is this true?

all i need to do is change the power base in the layout depending on whether i want to run 4 lane standard or 2 lane digital?

how about a four lane digital!!!!! that would be crazy... anyone got any ideas about this
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Well, if you can make a LC from lane 2 to lane 3 and the other way round - then you got it!
It can be done with the famous DaVic system, so why not with these new systems?
I have thoughts about a four lane digital track, but lane 1 and 4 is only for skidding and re-entre cars who has de-slotted.
But is it easy to connect the wire again?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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