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4 Lane Digital?

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Hi all
This is my first post after joining the forum so bear with me if I'm going over old stuff but Ive searched the forums and cant find the answer.
Ive been an analogue racer for many many years and have a permanent track of classic track with 4 lanes le mans starts and 4 lane pit lane,the question is can I extend the circuit to include a large section of digital?
Can I have a 4 lane start and can I keep everything in the classic part or would pits and lemans starts have to go (I dont mind if pits have to go as I could sell on and have digital pits)and apart from the track sections what else would I need? Would one power base power all 4 lanes? And which power base,the old 6 car or the new one
I hope the community can help me and I hope Im not asking stupid questions that have been asked before,many thanks in anticipation
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Hi Boggy,

Good decision going 4 lane digital.
I expect Riko's explained the chicane method of avoiding lap counting errors when 2 cars go through the sensor together.
It used to happen very frequently especially with 6 cars racing.

It took me a lot of experimentation to optimise the set-up.
The new "sport" chicane track often allows 2 cars through together, so they're no use.
The old "classic" chicanes work a treat; If you have one or two narrow pieces between the converging pieces, then the car exits with less sideways slide.

If the car is still recovering from the chicane slide as it passes the counter sensors, then it might miss the count.
If you have too big a gap between the chicane and the counter track then fast drivers will catch slow drivers in that gap.
Hard to believe but it happens often, probably because the counter has to be followed by a sharpish corner, slowing some more than others.

So my gap between the end of the chicane and counter track is half a length i.e. one classic to sport converter piece.
We still get occasional lap counter disputes, but there are many other causes of this.

You've got a lot more trawling through the forum archives to do before your digital system can run smoothly.

6 cars on 2 lanes is too crowded, but we've found 6 cars on 4 lanes doesn't provide enough traffic problems.
I'm looking forward to the 8 car PB.
No doubt someone on this forum will invent it soon.
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Now look what you've done.
I thought all the hard work, getting SSD to work, was all over.
Now you point out this oXigen thing that I'd never heard of before.
I've had a quick look at the multiple threads but will need to invest a lot more time later.

Just quickly:
I can see how we can race all those cars, but what about lap counting?
How much will 8 controllers and in-car chips cost?
- I'll actually need about 40 chips.
Any mod required for lane changing?

I'm off to read more, and ask further questions on the appropriate threads.

Thanks a lot Mr Flippant!
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