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I am pleased to announce the 4th Thingies meeting Roncole Verdi near Parma.

Like last year, the models are divided into three classes to give everyone a chance to compete. All racers are welcome. The classes, however, are not the same as last year, let's see rules.

1. The model cars entering the meeting must be original, will be on 1/24th scale only and they will be divided in three categories:
A- Can Am (only Mini Dream Can-Am)
B- G.T. (only models with 36D motors, like Banshee, Renegade, Astro V, etc.)
C- SPORT (all other thingies)

2. All the models must have been built before the 01/01/1973

3. Each driver will be able to enroll in no more than two categories.

4. Model car maximum width is 80 mm.

5. Minimum ground clearance under gear and motor is 1 mm.

6. Any goop or mou or similar on tyres is strictly forbitten (he track will be 'already' prepared with appropriate background)

7. The chassis, the body and the type of motor have to be as from the original model. As "type of motor" is intended the can such as D16, D26, D36, X88, etc.

8. The mixed makes assembly between chassis and bodyshell is forbitten

9. Added ballast (led only) are allowed only on the upper part of the chassis

10. Sponge tyres are allowed (silicon forbidden).

11. The allowed Thingies are listed on separate sheet

12. Cutted down bodies (golden 60es style) are allowed. Repro bodies allowed.

13. Axles only 1/8th

14. Entry fee is 15 euros each driver for one class, 20 for two

15. Prices for the first 4 of each category.

Track is a wooden Thoumieu 8 lanes, 56 meters

Some images of 2011 edition

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