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Greetings to all!
I am preparing for the meeting and would like to show the machines that will race .

At a meeting in October with the thingies is difficult to win, but surely you're having fun, so I made a few cars for the three categories, GT, SPORT and Mini Dream Can Am that I want to present and, hopefully, that you want to participate, perhaps next year, with your wonderful thingies!

For GT category I prepared this Cyclone Avenger !

Motor: 36d Champion 707
Weight: 157 g

For Can Am category I have two alternatives, a Can Am lightweight and a normal Can Am, track testing will decide what is the most fun to drive for the race!

Motor : 26D
rewound and balanced
Weight: 76 g

Motor : 26D
rewound and balanced
Weight: 92 g

Where I worked a little more was for the SPORT category!
For the SPORT category I wanted to prepare the replica of the body of the cucaracha with joint Pizzi, because in 1967 I was impressed and then last year Stefano showed me the original chassis and I can not deny that I felt a certain emotion. This frame in 1967 was the chassis to beat, and Italy has done school for this. Is typical, of the Italian slot cars, the joint on the engine to increase traction during acceleration, such as the Mini dream, on Unicar, or on Ostorero more recently. I thought to revive at least the body. So I have prepared with all my limitations, the replication of the body:

The only documentation was the picture in a magazine of March 1967 that I bought at a flea market.

I imagined the color was red but now I think it could also be blue or something else, but I made red and white. If anyone has any photos of the original I'd be curious to see them.

When I finished the body, however, it seemed an unfinished work, and so I decided to really make a full replica.
I have devised a simple easy to design, cut the arm pick-up immediately after the attack of the motor, that would have been the articulation of the engine, and then hinging the pick-up to the frame part that supports the bodywork. Before cutting, I drilled the holes on the pick-up and the frame that supports the body, so as not to change the proportions of the original chassis.
I put more pictures, and if someone gives me directions, are welcome, I cut and sew, but are certainly not an expert !

Motor : 26D
rewound and balanced
Weight: 109 g

As an alternative to cuca Pizzi I have Unicar Super aerodinamica !

Motor: 26D
rewond and balanced
Weight: 93 g

And a Riggen Mach 1

Motor : 26D
rewound and balanced
Weight: 143 g

I hope to see some of those who are reading this article, next year in Roncole, to see your beautiful thingies and have fun together!

Greetings to you soon!
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