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BSCRA area qualifying round at OP this coming Sunday, so 3 extra visitors tonight to get some track time in. We also had a somewhat final wall shot from Charlie Gooding after falling in Sandy's lane causing the complete destruction of an F1 chassis which nobody likes to see except those who suddenly think they may have just been promoted a place in the finishing order! Sandy has of course been far too well trained by Parker Sr. too even consider lifting in such a situation...


1. Mark 118.54
2. Sandy 114.98
3. Eddie 114.17 (gears)
4. Woody 113.29
5. Ralph 111.91
6. Charlie 109.99 (killed car)
7. Stan 107.95
8. Dave 106.57
9. Mick 105.44
10. Chris 103.98

Area round for stupidfast cars this Sunday then the next two weeks will be big 1:24 sports.


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Yep, thats our Sandy- well trained,a credit to Oaklands and as Stan said "A chip off the old blockhead!",mind you, even quicker than her nailing of poor Charlie -did you see her demolition of the plate of Jaffa Cakes? .Even that other"Jaffaholic",Mark, didn't see which way they went.

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She did slightly miss a trick though....
If she had her timing exactly right Stans car which I was using at the time would have been nailed to the wall by Charlies rider. as it was I just managed to exit the corner before the bang, no doubt if I had been using my own car, the timing would have been spot on & my car would now be grafted to Charlies.

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