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Where do I start? This is an interesting read but there are too many variables mixed up in all of this. We're comparing apples, ornages, grapes, frogs, trees... etc.

First the Ninco belt drive system is very ineffiecient, so it either uses a lot of power which reduces the top speed of the car or it slips and does not transfer enough power to make a difference. Can this be overcome by the extra traction provided by all wheel drive? It depends on the track, power supply and probably a few other things.

The only good test is an "A" to "B" to "A" comparison. I have seen too many cars get faster with some change and when changed back it is faster yet again even though it is in the identical condition as at the beginning. Much of this is because of the condition of the track and the driver.

Is all wheel drive an advantage? It can be if traction is limited. With no traction magnet it is probably better assuming some other area of perfromance doesn't suffer because of it. With strong magnetic enhanced traction the advantage will be greatly diminished. I'm sure there is also some effect from the layout of the track such as how long the straights are and how tight the curves are.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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