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If you compare a Ninco 4WD to a Scalex on a twisty 'rally' track then the Ninco does put in slightly lower speeds as the belt pulls the front axle and therefore adds drag. However - and this is where the Ninco beats the pants off the Scalex - the Ninco is always more stable, has greater slide, is less likely to tip out. Most important on a rally setup is that as all four wheels are driving it's incredibly difficult to be knocked off on a chicane or hairpin when racing a 2WD. Conversely, a standard 2WD gets shoved out almost every time...even with a slight knock.

If your bands rub on the motor (none of my three did from the box) then you need to adjust the band pullies.

The Ninco 4WD and the SCX propshaft 4WD are by far and away the best rally cars to buy and the most fun to race...but only if you have a real rally-style twisty set up.

If you remove the magnets (as many rally fans do for more accurate racing) then the Ninco 4WD is unbeatable in comparison to Scalex 2WD cars.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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