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Graham, I feel as though I'm missing out here,.....No vid, that I can see

Then I hit send and the vid is there. Funny

To me, the F40, is/was the 'LAST TRUE' Ferrari.....I cannot think of any Ferrari since, that has the same magic. In the same way as the 250, 288, F40 & a few others had.
A Ferrari was a race car for the road. Today, It's a road car you strip out to race. Lambo's followed Ferrari. Today, Ferrari copies Lambo. I wish Ferrari would go back to ENZO's idea of what 'HIS' cars should be. But I guess there is no money in that. I would like to see Ferrari back at the 24 Heures du Mans. As a full Factory supported team, LMP

TIFOSI, 57...Come on, lets see a few, 50 would do.

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mmmm best I don't post pics of my 57 slot F40s

And the 1/8th and the 1/10th Rc and the 1/24th RC and and and

Yeah i know, get help, and make sure it is professional...........................
nice cars, I love mine
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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