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510S Are just SWEEET Eh!

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Rev/Mon 510 Datsun on a Modified 1/32 TSRF chassis,with my new 1/32 LMP wheels,turned down and painted kit inserts(which will be available),and Carrera vintage NASCAR rubber.

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Al, do you have any more of the 510s? Or know where they can be had?

Love the look!
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I've been waiting for your help!

Now I've just run out of excuses.

I always thought a 1/32 chassis was the way to go, you've proved it. The NASCAR tires are a great tip! They look great.

Did you turn down the metal wheels (width or dia?) or the inserts?

Are the inserts yours or the kits turned down?

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That was my last one,I'll see if I can get another case of them.
QUOTE I'll see if I can get another case of them.

Sign me up for at least two!!
Plus inserts!!

The 510 was my first new car. Like my 240Z, I had two of them... the 510 was my entry into motorsport! Nothing simpler than a 510.... and nothing faster or more fun per dollar!
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QUOTE Did you turn down the metal wheels (width or dia?) or the inserts?
Are the inserts yours or the kits turned down?
No,those are my new 1/32 18" LMP 1/24 Scale,they work out almost exactly 13".

They are the fronts,BW32007

I cut the inserts down from the kit,but am molding them this week,so should have some soon.
Diverting this thread ever so slightly (sorry chaps), wouldn't it be good if Revell/Monogram could dust off their old pantograph that DocP told us they used
to offer the Ferrari GTO in 32nd & 24th and produce a 510 in their 32nd slot car range?


P.S. As a compromise, I would accept Arii introducing a static kit for us kitbashers.
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Hi Al,

Do you now make 1/32 18" wheels

You def. make the best (looking) wheels around and your inserts are great. Because of your wheels/inserts, I´m now really into "scratchbuilding". Now the classic cars look right. And because of your new 18" wheels, my "new" cars can look right too

I used to buy Slot-it, but with only BBS-inserts, they tend to be quite limited in use (looks really daft on a classic car

Thank you for your dedication to this hobby and your cool work.

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And,once it's finished,I'll have this to play with it.

Did this last year,before I figured out the pan flippin thing.This will get the same treatment.

My 15" 1/32 wheels work out almost perfectly as 10"ers in 1/24 scale.8)

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What pan flipping thing??
QUOTE What pan flipping thing??
Wouldn't you just like to know Eh!

I can't reveal ALL my secrets at one time ya know.
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OK OK,here's the Flippin Pan Flippin thing.

Well,here it is,how to completely Destroy a TSRF Chassis,and turn it into a real Slot Car8o :rollin :b

First,you Flip the pan upside down.Next,trim a bit off the inner side of the left rear(used to be right rear.)part of the pan to clear the motor box,as it now interfears with that.

Flatten the big ugly pin tube mounts,and chop what you need,if any,off the sides.Depends on width of body you are using.

Take some flat ended pliers,and break off the Front Axle uprights.A quick down up bend will have them off pretty sharpish.While you are at it,might as well chop off the front of the chassis just in front of where the uprights used to be.

Cut a couple of pieces of 3/32 brass tube about 2 inches long,actual length is really not that critical.And solder them in to the inner edges of your now chopped up pan.

Take about a six inch length of 1/16" piano wire,and bend it into a flat bottomed U shape,so that it is the same width as the two pieces of brass tube.When done,it should slide in an out like Trombone.

Bend about a quarter of an inch of the bottom end of the U up by about 80 or so degrees.Like most of what I do,the actual length and angle don't matter,it just needs to be close.Remember,it's only a Slot Car.

Cut a length of 3/32 brass tube for the front axle carrier the length you need,poke an axle through,and put on the wheels n tires you will be using,set up the car on a flat block With the piano wire thingy pushed into the two tubes,at the ride hight you want,and solder the axle tube to the piano wire cross piece.You can solder it to the front or back,whichever suites your purpose.Again,it just doesn't matter.

Now,just assemble the rest of the chassis as per normal TSRF instructions.

Voila,an instant Small 1/24 sedan chassis,and you thought it was gonna be hard to do Eh!
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Fantastic idea, photos and execution !

Any idea how thick the brass on the TSRF chassis is?

Will you be doing a "How to mount the guide" installment?


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QUOTE Any idea how thick the brass on the TSRF chassis is?
The TSRF Brass Pan,is actually Nickle Plated Steel,which makes soldering a treat,as you don't have to mess around with Acid Flux,regular Paste Flux works just fine.It's .035 thick.
QUOTE Will you be doing a "How to mount the guide" installment?
For this one,I am just going to use the regular TSRF Fin/Pin guide.

BTW,anybody got any 510 pics that arn't BRE cars.It's not that I particularly dislike that scheme,it's just that when people talk 510s and 240s,you would think that they were both One Team Series.I may end up just painting it red yellow or blue,and slapping some numbers on it.

BTW,I think I saw that Rev/Mon is bringing out a Model kit of the 240 in 1/24 scale this year for those interested in making up a complete BRE stable.
Got it running and the body mounted.Holy Rice Rockets Batman.This thing SCREAMS.And,TSRF chassis handle just as well upside down as they do right side up.

Think it is going to be Lime green.I have an odd can of Tamiya that I bought by mistake.Not a color I would normally use,but,I think it won't look out of place on this car.

Should have it painted tomorrow,so,stand by for more pics.
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You certainly work fast! Takes me weeks to finish a car...

Thanks also for chassis thickness, always wondered how thick 1/32 metal chassis are/were.

For the modelers out there here's a kit review of both Revell kits (about half way down the page):

Auto Forums Review Page

Lime green is so 70s, it'll be just right. Paint the hood flat black, add a monster tach...

Al, I understand you're tired of the BRE thing, but every self-absorbed BMW driver (present company excepted of course, should it apply) should see this:

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Are the headlights the only visual difference between a Skyline KGPC10 and a 510?

Finally some paint.Hood will be flat black eventualy.

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