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Well it's over. The 6 Hours of Insanity was a fun race that went without any major issues.

The winning team (Team Asylum) put in 3603 laps. That equates to 281,034 feet or 53.22 miles that these little Parma Whisperjet cars traveled. As for car issues we had one broken belt and braids were dislodged on a car twice. I put brand new Alpha, big full hub Piranha tires at .925" size on each car before the race and they went the full distance. The car with the most tire ware was the one my team drove and the tires were at .870" by the end of the day. That's amazing. They also handled very well for the entire distance. In face the fastest lap of the race was turned in the last hour of the race at 4.4949 seconds.

Other issues during the 6 hours of green flag racing were controller related. We burned up one resistor and had one wiper wire break in half. No track issues of any kind even though I had just rewired 90% of the track and built and installed new controls in the drivers stations.

This was intended to be the first annual 6 Hours of Insanity race and I intend to always hold it in December on the weekend closest to the 11th. as that happens to be my birth day. So if you missed this one and are interested in getting in on one in the future let me know. I always enjoy meeting other fellow slot car junkies like myself.

I did some live videos that are on my "Insane Speedway" Facebook page that you can watch to see some of the action. I wasn't able to take pictures during the event and tend to all that was going on, but I have pictures of the Asylum and Insane Speedway from the night before the race as well as race day morning just as the food was starting to be put out. Kind of gives you a feel for the kind of event it was. Plenty of drinks, snacks, fresh popcorn, and hot food along with pizza for dinner. What a good time. Can't wait for next years race.

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