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Derek's almost certainly unaware of this, but I've actually driven the orange-wheeled beast post-restoration! Ralph and I are members of the same club and he's been bringing it along to the club nights recently for testing.

It's got an unreal amount of grip when exiting the fast corners. Traditionally a BSCRA F1 will slide on the exit and then you are trying to stop it jerggling but the six wheel starts to slide then - whomp! - suddenly four contact patches find some grip and it is then absolutely beautiful powering it's way out. It catches the slide far, far earlier than any other similar car I've ever driven. Wonderful stuff.

I can't comment about the gear train sapping the top end as because A - isn't mine and B - is of historic interest so I didn't push it (honest Derek!). Just kept marvelling at it's corner exiting.

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